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Jim Carrey Impersonates Himself in Hilarious Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Video

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 actor Jim Carrey has perfectly impersonated himself in a new video to promote the film. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 helmed by Jeff Fowler picks up where the last film left off with Sonic Ben Schwartz now settled in Green Hill. Unfortunately the evil Dr. Robotnik Carrey returns to Earth with a new ally in Knuckles Idris Elba and chaos quickly ensues. The overall reaction to Sonic 2 has been even more positive than it was for the series first installment and since the movies release on April 1 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has taken the box office by storm.

While Sonic The Hedgehog 2 comes with quite the star studded cast perhaps none of its actors are more iconic than Carrey. Carrey has cemented himself as one of the most well known comedic actors of the last four decades through films like Ace Ventura Pet Detective The Mask and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Carrey has made multiple hit films for a number of generations making him one of the biggest Hollywood legends alive today. Due to this many fans were saddened to hear that Carrey is considering plans to retire after the release of Sonic The Hedgehog 2. This news has certainly led fans to go back and relive many of their favorite Carrey moments.

This goes for both fans and Carreys fellow cast mates. In a recent video from IMDb the cast of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 were asked to give their best impressions of Carrey. Of course many actors gave their impressions of classic Carrey characters such as Ace Ventura or Fire Marshal Bill. However the most interesting impression is the one Carrey does of himself. When first asked if he could impersonate himself Carrey turns away from the camera as he pretends to get into character. When he is ready he turns back to the camera fake crying in a style that only Carrey can do. The crying continues until he pretends to be called to set by saying youre on! when Carrey instantly stops crying and his face lights up in the goofiest grin imaginable. See the full video below

Carreys impression of himself is certainly funny though fans may also find it concerning that he considers himself to be mostly crying unless he is on set. Of course Carrey almost immediately clarifies that his impersonation is a joke though he does then add the qualifier its a little like that. While it is likely that Carrey does actually enjoy his work as he has stated before he has stated that one of the reasons hed like to retire is so he can enjoy a quiet life instead of the one Hollywood brings. Perhaps that is partially where the impression comes from.

While it is perfectly understandable that Carrey would have a desire to get away from the wild Hollywood life after such a long and successful career audiences will certainly be sad to see him go. Carrey has brought joy to so many people and continues to do so today even if its by simply doing an impression of himself. The movies will miss Carreys manic comedic energy but based on how excited the rest of the Sonic cast was to talk about him Carrey wont soon be forgotten. Of course he isnt gone yet and Carrey can be caught in theatres right now in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.


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