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Jíbaro (Love, Death & Robots) are the best 17 minutes to see you now on Netflix

It is a story of love melancholy avaricion traicion rabia and destruction. An animation without dialogues that plays the role of any passionate audiovisual language and that helps to open the door to the other type of generators for the animation of alleys familiar with the Pixar movie.

This is just a short court it is an authentic artwork. Perturbating and hypnotic in the parts of the world Jíbaro the main chapter of the series Love Death & Robots knows the story of a mermaid enveloped in an hour that at the end of her life with her song of conquistadors. All of you one who is proud and for good immune to the power of creation. This is the attention of the mermaid which is included in the dudar de si ha perdido la facultad que emanaba de su garganta. Here you will find the curiosity of the past to curiosity attraction and seduction.

The hyperrealism of this animation is elevated to maximum potential. Tanto que tu ojo llega a plantearse si lo que ve está hecho con un ordenador o no. The details in the reflections and the vegetation alcanzan the perfection and the form in which the images present that the parezcan planes grabbed with a mans chamber. The most famous creators have taken care of the technique of keyframe animation and no play of the mocap technique used in movies like Avatar in which an actor is enfunda a lasting special and grabs his movements even though he has a hard time reading texts. real in visual composition. A multitude of infinite heads are the ones who conform and are attractive metaphors about the saqueo which is realized in the colonizations and what we realize is the realization of the recurrences of nature and the toxic relations in which es bueno y el malo.

A sensual story that killed me and danced and violently and in which the protagonists intertwined with each other. The cruel mermaid is disconnected from the second hour of the hour and the past of desolation is abandoned but the fragility of acaba convirtiéndose en venganza. On the other hand the knight herido is transformed into a codic villano for terminating being also a life of a man who has a hard time. Y todo esto ocurre en un climax superlativo bajo la magnífica banda sonora del compositor Kjartan Sveinsson y su pieza Teil I.

What an empathy with a courtesy bath for eroticism is a convict ending in a strong contingent of blood. A battle of two fires that intentan cazarse en la selva y que acaba como ocurre a veces en el reino animal con ambos seres heridos. In this regard the free interpretation is only clear this is not the winner.

Jíbaro 17 min by Madrileño Alberto Mielgo is found in the third volume of the series Love Death & Robots Netflix.

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