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Jared Leto Net Worth How Wealthy Is The Morbius Star

With the success of Morbius we can only wonder how much Jared Leto earned. Jared Leto is becoming one of the most searched names on the internet. With a new blockbuster movie under his belt it is no question why Leto is getting a lot of attention right now. Recently Jared Leto entered our radar again after his movie Morbius became an instant favorite by filmgoers. But the 48yearold is more than just a talented actor as he is also part of the topselling band Thirty Seconds to Mars a philanthropist and a director. With that said we got to ask how much is the Morbius star worth ALSO READ Will Smith Net Worth How Wealthy Is The King
Jared Letos Career And Rise To Stardom Jared Leto was born in Bossier City Louisiana on Dec. 26 1971 and was raised prominently by his mother who had Cajun ancestry. Jared Letos mother did not have a lot of luck in love but was blessed to be surrounded by creatives.

The actor has shared several times that due to his mothers free spirit he was raised alongside artists musicians photographers painters and people who were into theater. Jared Leto moved to Los Angeles in 1992 where he wanted to work as a director and do acting sporadically. His break came in 1994 when he starred alongside Claire Danes in the small screen TV series My SoCalled Life. The same year the young actor made his film debut starring with Alicia Silverstone in Cool and the Crazy.

He captured the hearts of many film lovers and soon after he was cast in films including Girl Interrupted Requiem for a Dream Fight Club American Psycho Panic Room A Beautiful Lie and more. His most recent works have been well received by critics such as House of Gucci where he starred alongside Lady Gaga DCs antihero film Suicide Squad and Morbius. Jared Leto has found his way to becoming an actor to be reckoned with. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Billie Eilish Net Worth 2022 How Did the Grammy Awardee Make It Big in the Music Scene

How Much Is Jared Letos Net Worth
Jared Leto has been very open about his earnings. In interviews he has shared that he makes more money with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars than with his acting career. The actor has not disclosed how much he earns from his band and there is no information available. According to Celebrity Net Worth Jared Leto is worth $90 million. In his most recent films such as Suicide Squad the actor earned $7 million for his role as the Joker and this was less than half of what his costar Will Smith earned which was estimated to be around $20 million. On the other hand Leto earned approximately $7 million for Morbius but this number is not confirmed. Jared Leto may be worth more than reported due to his other ventures outside of the Hollywood industry.

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