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Jane Fonda says Katharine Hepburn was ‘always top dog’ on set, but she tries to ‘do the opposite’ in her career

Jane Fonda revealed in a new interview that she was “intimidated” by Katharine Hepburn while the two were filming the 1981 drama “On Golden Pond.” In a joint interview with Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, Fonda told AARP magazine that Hepburn was a force to be reckoned with on set. “My God. When we made ‘On Golden Pond,’ she made sure that she was always top dog and that I knew it,” Fonda said. The “Grace and Frankie” star said she always strives to be approachable to her castmates.

“I think my costars will tell you that I really try to do the opposite and make people feel comfortable,” Fonda said. Fonda also spoke about her experience with fans in the interview — and how Dolly Parton helped her realize how important fans are to an actor’s career. “I grew up with a father, who, if someone started approaching him to ask for an autograph, would literally run away. He couldn’t stand being reminded of his fame,” Fonda said of her famous dad, the late actor Henry Fonda. “But you know who taught me about the importance of fans? Dolly Parton,” Fonda continued. “When we did ‘9 to 5,’ I watched how she interacted, how she listened, how she truly cared and how grateful she was, and I thought, Oh, my gosh, Dolly’s right. Our careers depend on our fans!”

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