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Jack Harlow Slams Totally Inappropriate Gay Reaction To Hero Lil Nas X

Jack Harlow says there is still a lot of progress to be made in the music industry and society given the completely inappropriate reaction to Lil Nas X. Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty

Jack Harlow called a completely inappropriate reaction to Lil Nas Xs work and identity saying there is still some homophobia out there. Harlow who collaborated with Nas on his hit movie Industry Baby described the popular gay rapper as a criminal and a hero in an interview with The Guardian. He said that some of the reactions to Nas and his work have shown that there is still much work to be done to eradicate homophobia within the music industry and society.

The totally inappropriate reaction to it makes you know we still have some progress to make Harlow said referring to Lances sexuality. And you hear it in passing there is still some homophobia in there. He continued But what will happen by chance artists will not have to achieve in the future. This is what makes him a hero. Harlow told British GQ in October that he was attracted to Lil Nas X as an artist because he was at the front and center of the push for integration into the music industry. He admitted in his previous interview that there is still a long way to go as there are still people who will always feel like youre being forced to be gay bisexual transgender and intersex.

Harlow added that she has people in my corner telling her not to work on a song with Lil Nas X. But I realize there is a fundamental difference in the way some people see the world he said. Some people think some things are wrong. He continued There are some people at the root level though they dont want to hurt any gays they dont hate gays and they think its wrong either because of religion or for whatever reason. But to me Ive never been like this. Never.

Earlier this year Lil Nas X criticized the music industry for purging LGBTQ+ musicians by telling them to be gay without being gay. The Sun Goes Down rapper told CBS that he wants more LGBTQ+ artists to feel free to be themselves without fear of being shamed or judged. He said he definitely surpasses other artists from the LGBTQ+ community and described how there was pressure within the music industry to conform. Its always been well if youre gay this needs to be sterilized. Lets not include anything sexual. Hes like Be gay without being gay. We dont want to know whats going on behind closed doors or we dont want you to come across.


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