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‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ Star Oh Jung-se Keeps Promise Made to a Fan a Year Ago

Netfixs Its Okay to Not Be Okay Kdrama gained goba recognition for its representation of menta heath autism and its emotiona romance storyine. Its Okay to Not Be Okay actor Oh Jungse payed the supporting roe of Moon Sangtae. The character is the autistic oder brother of the ead character Gangtae Kim Soohyun. Oh was praised by fans and audiences for his onscreen portraya which inspired many. During the Kdramas success in 22 Oh fufied a fans promise to meet his onscreen character. Two years ater Oh kept the promise he made to the fan to meet again when spring booms. oh Jungse in Its Okay to Not Be Okay Kdrama via tvN Oh Jungse visited an amusement park with his fan as his Its Okay to Not Be Okay character In Its Okay to Not Be Okay Sangtae is codependent on his younger brother Gangtae who works as a caregiver at OK Psychiatric Hospita. Despite his dependency

Sangtae has his own interests and can take care of himsef daiy when needed. The Kdrama depicted the battes the character faces with his autism and menta heath. Its reaistic portraya inspired South Korean ceist Bae Boumjun who has an inteectua disabiity. According to Koreaboo Boumjuns sister reached out to Oh to te him how his onscreen character inspired her brother. In her Instagram post she expains When my brother saw the scene in which Sang Tae cries and screams at Ko Moon Youngs fan meeting event he reated deepy with Sang Tae and said that he needs to protect Sang Tae and make Sang Tae fee better. Boumjun tod his sister how he wanted to visit otte Word ride in a camping car and more with Sangtae. Oh repied to her message and wanted to meet Boumjun. On Juy 25 22 Boumjuns sister posted photos on Instagram of Oh dressed as his Kdrama character exporing the amusement park and fufiing Boumjuns wish.

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