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Is Wednesday Jenna Ortega’s Ticket To A Career That Will Earn Millions?

Jenna Ortega’s net worth will surely rise by millions as she is cast in more and more projects following the success of Wednesday.

Jenna Ortega has proven to be one of 2022 biggest breakout stars, solidifying her status as both an ‘it’ girl and ‘scream queen’ in what felt like no time. Appearing in both Ti West’s X and the fifth installment of Wes Craven’s Scream early into the year, Jenna had already secured a cult following in the horror community before even starring in Netflix’s Wednesday and being embraced by the mainstream.

Ortega’s role as Wednesday Addams was met with mass acclaim and led the show to become one of the most popular in Netflix’s streaming history, with upwards of 400 million hours watched in its first week of release — the only series in English to achieve this benchmark. There is no doubt, therefore, that Ortega’s talents are invaluable at this moment in time, given her sudden and deserved leap to the A+ list, and that many studios will be fighting to cast the young star in an abundance of upcoming projects.

How Much Money Does Jenna Ortega Have?
Jenna Ortega’s net worth reportedly stands at around $3 million following what was potentially the most fruitful year of her career to date. Jenna has been acting from as young as the age of nine in shows like Jane The Virgin and Disney’s Stuck In The Middle, yet it seems that she has finally found her footing as a young adult actress more recently, making huge sums of money across several projects.

Amidst Neve Campbell’s pay dispute with Scream in 2022, it was revealed to the public that high-profile supporting actress Courtney Cox was paid $1 million in 1996 for the first film. It would thereby make sense that Jenna, in a supporting role, would have earned a similar amount, or more, in 2022, given the film’s massive increase in popularity. As for X and The Fallout, there is currently no public information on exactly how much Jenna earned during these projects.

Following her rise to fame, Jenna Ortega’s online following surged massively, now with 40 million followers on Instagram. Her huge following and cool-girl demeanor also make her the prime candidate for brand deals, which Netflix Life reports could make her upwards of $78,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Given her ambassadorship with Neutrogena, Ortega has likely made hundreds of thousands via Instagram alone.

How Much Did Jenna Ortega Make From Wednesday?
Jenna’s earnings from Wednesday are currently unknown, yet it has been reported that she will have had a somewhat similar contract to those of the younger Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why cast members from the first seasons of their respective shows. The Hollywood Reporter shared that the Stranger Things kids had made between $20,000 and $60,000 per episode during seasons one and two, which rose substantially further down the line, given the show’s major success.

As of season 3, Millie Bobby Brown — the show’s female lead — was said to have earned around $250,000 per episode. It is likely, though, that Ortega will have made more than the Stranger Things cast in season 1, given her already-established notability before the release of the show, thanks to other recent performances. Jenna has revealed that she will also be taking on an Executive Producer role for season 2 of Wednesday, hoping to make the show much darker and less focussed on Wednesday’s love life — something she doesn’t believe the character would even entertain the idea of, to begin with.

This additional role could potentially increase her pay even more, which, like Millie Bobby Brown, will likely sit at around a quarter of a million per episode, boosting her net worth by millions by the end of the show’s second season. For reference, Bobby Brown’s net worth now stands at $14 million, so if Ortega continues to follow the trajectory of her fellow Netflix up-and-comer, the next couple of years will be particularly busy and prosperous for the Wednesday star.

Jenna Ortega’s Upcoming Projects
On top of a second season of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is already confirmed for several upcoming projects and rumored for even more. As far as what is, in fact, already confirmed, Ortega is set to star in a romantic drama alongside Wednesday co-star Percy Hynes White, titled Winter Spring Summer Or Fall, which is currently in post-production.

Ortega will also feature in Miller’s Girl with Martin Freeman. The film is said to explore the relationship between student, Jenna Ortega, and the titular Mr. Miller as their dynamic becomes complicated during a creative writing assignment. The film is listed as a drama/comedy and could thereby offer a welcome break from the macabre for Ortega, but very little is currently known of the plot.

Scream VI premiered just this month and showed Ortega taking even more of a central role in the blockbuster. Jenna and her onscreen sister Melissa Barrera’s showdown with Ghostface certainly left fans hoping for a continuation of the Carpenters’ storyline. Although unannounced, a seventh installment of the franchise seems very likely given the overwhelmingly positive audience response as well as where things were left off. More recently, though, it has been rumored that Jenna Ortega may eventually star in a new installment of the Tim Burton classic, Beetlejuice alongside Winona Rider, playing the daughter of the iconic Lydia Deetz.


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