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Is New Amsterdam Season 5 on Amazon?

The final season of New Amsterdam has begun on NBC. Where can you stream the episodes the next day? Is New Amsterdam Season 5 on Amazon?

The beginning of the end has started. We say goodbye to New Amsterdam across 13 episodes, and everything started with seeing where everyone is after Helen didn’t get on the plane. One thing we know is that Freema Agyeman isn’t coming back to the series for the final episodes. What does that mean for the series? How will things end for Max considering it’s always been about Sharpwin? We need to be able to watch the episodes to find out. The episodes air on NBC on Tuesday nights. They always head to a streaming platform the next day, but which platform is it going to be?

Is New Amsterdam Season 5 on Prime Video?
There is some bad news for those with Prime memberships waiting to watch. This isn’t a series that heads to Prime Video. NBC shows used to head to Hulu. Then they went to both Hulu and Peacock. This year, they’re only heading to Peacock, which makes sense since it is NBCUniversal’s own streaming platform—and NBCUniversal owns NBC.

Is New Amsterdam Season 5 on Amazon Video?
What about a Digital release? One of the great thnsg about broadcast shows is that they head to Digital to buy the day after. That is the case for New Amsterdam. You can buy the episodes on their own for $2.99. Or you can already get the full season for $24.99. This is a cheaper way of doing things, even when the season only has 13 episodes. You won’t get all episodes right away, but they will be added to your Amazon Library as soon as they’re available. That’s the Wednesday after new episodes air.

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