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Is a new episode of Charmed on tonight April 22

Were ready to start our weekend off with magic. Is that going to happen tonight Friday April 22 Is Charmed Season 4 on tonight Friday nights are supposed to be all about the Charmed Ones. Right now were trying to figure out how Kaela is connected to Maggie and Mel considering her birth parents are people the two Vera sisters have never seen. The bad news is we do not get to see the next part of the story tonight. There is not going to be a new episode of Charmed Season 4 on tonight Friday April 22.

There is not a rerun on tonight either. Instead The CW is putting on a special called Specials which will give us a positive vision of what the year 2040 could be like. Why is not a new episode of Charmed on tonight If Im honest I expected the break to be last week for Good Friday. It was clear a break would need to come. This is linked to scheduling for The CW. The CW has set its finale dates. Now it needs enough episodes left to fill the weeks and when that does not happen breaks are put on.

When will new episodes of Charmed return
How long of a break do we have This is where we have some good news. The show returns with a new episode next Friday April 22. Mel Maggie and Kaela continue to deal with the Tally man. They all need to split up if they want to get to the bottom of the situation. Maggie and Harry work together Mel turns to Jordan and Kaela turns to Dev for help. Well also get a visitor from Kaelas past which could connect us to how she is a Charmed One.

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