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Interview With A Vampire (2022): Where You’ve Seen The Cast Before

Though there have been many notable vampires in the history of the movies and on TV there are few that have exerted quite as much influence as Louis and Lestat the two antiheroes of Anne Rices Interview with the Vampire its movie adaptation and its numerous sequels. Broody and romantic and deeply sensual these vampires influenced many other screen versions.The original novel is due for yet another interpretation this time in the form of a television series. Though it has yet to reveal much about the production there are some cast members who have been announced and so its worth taking a look at where else they have appeared.

Eric Bogosian Law and Order Criminal Intent 2001 to 2011

In the book the titular interview is being conducted by Daniel Malloy who has managed to get Louis the vampire to speak to him about his life. He thus plays a key role in the story since he is the one responsible for conveying the vampires words to the broader public. In the new adaptation of the story he is slated to be played by Eric Bogosian. Bogosian is a familiar face for a number of reasons but one of his most notable television roles was as the character of Daniel Ross the captain who succeeds James Deakins.

Christopher Stack One Life To Live 1968 to 2012

There have been many great soap operas throughout the years but there are few that have been quite as long running and as complex as One Life to Live. Among its other distinctions it is one of the first soap operas to feature storylines revolving around characters from different economic backgrounds and just as importantly it has been consistent in engaging with various important issues. Christopher Stack who is slated to play the character of Tom Anderson in Interview with the Vampire is well known for his relatively brief stint as Michael McBain.

Kalyne Coleman 800 Lb. Gorilla 2010

Obviously one of the key elements to any series success is its ability to not only create compelling main characters but also to generate enough side characters that audiences can have many people to cheer for. Though it isnt exactly clear who Grace De Pointe Du Lac is in the series given that this is Louiss last name it seems likely that Kalyne Coleman will play the key role of his sister.Though she hasnt appeared in many high profile projects she is known for appearing in the short movie 800 Lb. Gorilla a strange and yet powerful exploration of racism.

Sam Reid Anonymous 2011

Shakespeare has inspired many different movies but arguably one of the most compelling and controversial is Anonymous. This period drama posits that Shakespeare wasnt the true author of the plays that bear his name instead they were written by the Earl of Oxford. It is a thought provoking movie and while its central theory might not have gained wide acceptance it is still a moody atmospheric and at times troubling look at Renaissance England. Sam Reid slated to play the vital role of Lestat appeared in the movie as the Earl of Essex the man who tried to overthrow Elizabeth I.

Jacob Anderson Game Of Thrones 2011 to 2019

There are few characters in Anne Rices vampire stories quite as important as Louis. Aside from being the one giving the interview he goes on to show that he cannot quite morally accept his status as a vampire. With his moodiness and his generally brooding demeanor he is the perfect tortured antihero. It is thus fitting that he is set to be played by Jacob Anderson. Anderson is very familiar to a wide audience given that he played the very important character of Grey Worm on Game of Thrones. This character was arguably one of the best introduced after the first season and he is sure to convey the right tone for Louis.

Bailey Bass Law and Order Special Victims Unit 1999 Present

Theres always something vaguely sinister about vampires given that they feast on human blood and there have of course been many great vampire characters in TV history. Claudia is sure to join one of these. She is as book readers know a little girl that Lestat and Louis turn into a vampire thus turning their arrangement into a deranged sort of family.In the original movie she was played by Kirsten Dunst in one of her best roles but now she will be played by Bailey Bass. Though she is relatively new to Hollywood she will be familiar to some for her appearance on Law and Order SVU.

Rachel Alana Handler NCIS New Orleans 2014 to 2021

Of all of the many procedurals that have appeared on television NCIS New Orleans is arguably one of the best. Viewers of that series will recognize the face of Rachel Alana Handler who appeared in an episode as the character of Molly Lindell. She is currently slated to play the character of Peg Leg Doris. Even though there hasnt been much that has been revealed about this character she doesnt exactly correspond to any person that appears in Anne Rices original novel the fact that she is slated to appear in several episodes of the new adaptation suggests that she will have a substantial supporting role.

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