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Infinite range Lifeline healing drone glitch returns in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Lifeline glitch Respawn Entertainment An overpowered Lifeline bug that gives the Combat Medics Tactical infinite range has returned in Apex Legends Season 12. As with any multiplayer title Apex Legends suffers from its fair share of glitches and exploits that seemingly pop up out of the blue. The majority of these bugs are relatively minor and do not affect players game play experience with some of them even being the source of a lot of harmless fun like the low gravity Firing Range glitch.

Occasionally though major bugs from the past that have previously been fixed reappear in the game after an update causing a lot of frustration for the community. Well thats exactly what seems to have happened with Lifelines infinite range Tactical bug which appears to have returned following the Unshackled patch. Lifeline Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment Lifeline has a 4.9% pick rate in Season 12. Infinite range Lifeline Tactical returns in Apex Legends After first making an appearance in Apex all the way back in 2019 it looks like Lifelines infinite range Tactical glitch has returned in the latest patch.

Posted to the Apex Legends subreddit CulturalParsley615 shows themselves playing Valkyrie on Arenas and using Lifelines drone to regenerate some health. Seeing enemies in the distance CulturalParsley615 decided to push aggressively with the Winged Avenger but quickly noticed they were still regenerating health outside the range of the drone. This continued through the entire gunfight allowing them to tank more bullets than they would have usually been able to. Can someone explain the wireless healing? from apex legends Its hard to know why this glitch has resurfaced ingame nearly three years later especially when the community assumed it had been fixed.

Although this is not as serious as the infinite charge Rampage bug its definitely an issue Respawn will need to fix as soon as possible. If this can be replicated it has the potential to give exploiters a massive advantage over their opponents so fingers crossed its patched as soon as possible. atst walking after ewok in lego star wars

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Complete Lifeline rework idea would be perfect for Apex Legends Season 13
Lifeline holding Alternator in Apex Legends on Worlds EdgeRespawnE  As Apex Legends players have been suggesting ways to buff Lifeline dataminer KralRindo has got a pretty clever rework idea that would overhaul the Combat Medics ultimate. With each new season of Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment brings in plenty of buffs and nerfs to the current crop of characters and sometimes theyll completely rework a characters abilities to give them a muchneeded lift.

If a legend goes a few seasons without a change fans will often start theorizing their own changes suggesting them to the devs as a way to give their favorite character a lift. Recently Lifeline has been in the spotlight a little with a number of fans suggesting ways to give the battle royales sole healer some improvements. Many have targeted her revive ability as something that needs a massive tweak but others want to see changes to her Ultimate.

lifeline in apex legends season 12Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline has always been popular in Apex but could do with some tweaks.
KralRindo who is usually one for digging up leaks through the games files suggested a Lifeline rework of their own again with a pretty big focus on the healers ultimate. Read More Apex Legends players make surprise pick for Season 12s most underrated weapon In the data miners idea the Combat Medic would revive teammates 25% faster than she does currently and maintain the revive shield. Though it would only have 150 health meaning its easily destroyed. Similarly Lifelines DOC Drone would continue to heal teammates as normal but would also have an offensive buff by dealing shock damage to enemies if they get too close.

As noted the switch up of the Ultimate would be the big things. With the idea Lifeline would still get new items from her drop but they would also be joined by a Replicator slot thus giving the healer a chance to craft items on the fly.

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