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How To Get The Perfect Ending In Mass Effect 3

The ending of Mass Effect 3 was an especially disappointing part of the original trilogy, as it was vague and almost incomprehensible, leaving beloved characters’ fates unclear after the final battle. The introduction of the Extended Cut, now the default ending in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, helped to fix some of the more glaring problems with the ending and also included what is now known as the Perfect or Best Ending in Mass Effect 3. In Mass Effect 3’s best ending, it is implied that Commander Shepard survives, along with the entire Normandy squad and all of planet Earth. While many of the requirements for achieving the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 have been rebalanced in Legendary Edition, the process is still the same as it has always been, incentivizing players to amass as many War Assets as possible to achieve it.

How Mass Effect 3’s Best Ending Changed
The Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 is directly tied to Total Military Strength, what once was the Galactic Readiness system in the original ME3. In the original version, players needed an exceptionally high Galactic Readiness and Effective Military Strength score to unlock the Perfect Ending, which required them to use the multiplayer mode and the tie-in applications. Missed out on playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer back when the game first launched? Check out the trailer from Official EA UK below to see what players used to have to do to get ME3’s best ending! The rebalancing of War Assets and the Military Strength system in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and the elimination of multiplayer, means players need to earn a greater number of War Assets to achieve this outcome. Here’s how to gain the necessary War Assets to unlock the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3.

Image of the red Catalyst blast on the Citadel in space just above Earth from Mass Effect 3.
To achieve the Perfect Ending in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition, Shepard needs 7800 Total Military Strength or higher. The Total Military Strength system in Mass Effect Legendary Edition counts all the War Assets Shepard obtains, not only in Mass Effect 3 but based on choices made throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. While there is no way to enumerate how every decision might translate to War Assets, some general rules apply across the trilogy to ensure Shepard gets the maximum scores possible. These are:

Scan planets and complete mineral quests throughout the trilogy
Allies and people Shepard helps or inspires across the galaxy will eventually count as War Assets. For example, if Shepard manages to paralyze but not kill the Zhu’s Hope colonists on Feros and chooses to spare Shiala, all of these become War Assets later. As another example, showing kindness to reporter Khalisa Bint Sinan al-Jilani across the trilogy and resisting the urge to use Mass Effect’s Renegade interrupt and punch her comes with the perk of extra War Assets. War Assets can also gain or lose points based on decisions made across the trilogy and especially in Mass Effect 3. For example, if Shepard secures Grunt’s Loyalty in Mass Effect 2 but chooses to save the rachni queen in “Attican Traverse: Krogan Team”, Shepard gains 75 War Assets, but loses 25, as Grunt’s Aralakh company is slaughtered protecting the queen as she escapes. Players can keep track of updates to War Assets at the War Table aboard the Normandy.

Mass Effect 3: Perfect Ending Steps & Choices
Once players reach 7800 Total Military Strength or above and have played all the missions they wanted to, including DLC, they should be clear to launch the final mission, “Priority: Cerberus Headquarters,” which leads directly into the endgame, “Priority: Earth.” To get ME3’s best ending, Shepard must choose the Destroy Ending, activating the Crucible.

Earth and the Normandy Crew will all survive the blast. In the epilogue, Shepard’s love interest, if they are a squadmate, will refuse to put the Commander’s name on the Normandy’s Memorial Wall. The final shot before the end credits will show the debris of the Crucible and Shepard taking a breath amid the rubble. Players looking to simply relive ME3’s best ending without playing through all three games shouldn’t worry, as BioWare has also made it possible for players to begin Mass Effect 3 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition without importing a character and still reach the requisite 7800 Total Military Strength to unlock the Perfect Ending. To do this, however, players will need to complete every side mission and be very careful when making decisions to gain the greatest number of War Assets. Completing Mass Effect: Genesis ahead of starting the game will increase the number of War Assets they have access to, as they can import specific decisions that impact Total Military Strength later.


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