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How To Get Aeon Swift in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 the Aeon Swift is a pair of Exotic Hunter gauntlets that has three unique interchangeable mods that can be equipped at any time. Many players see the Aeon Swift as an absolutely crucial piece of gear when completing endgame PvE content such as Raids Dungeons or Grandmaster Nightfalls. This is because the Exotic arms synergize nicely with any Hunter build and the effects of each mod also provide various benefits to the rest of the fireteam.The Aeon Swift Exotic Hunter armor in Destiny 2 has three mods that can be applied from the same mini menu as the rest of the armor mods. These are called the Sect of Insight Sect of Force and Sect of Vigor. The Sect of Vigor allows Hunter to gain class ability energy as their allies die and full class ability energy after reviving an ally. Additionally casting a Super near allies grants them a burst of healing and an overshield if they also have a piece of Aeon cult gear equipped with a different Sect.

The Sect of Insight grants Hunters a chance of creating an Orb of Power for their allies with every precision kill and finishers on elite enemies generate Special Ammo. Finishers on bosses minibosses and Champion generate Heavy Ammo for the team perfect for Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2. Lastly the Sect of Insight also provides bonus damage for allies that have a piece of Aeon cult gear equipped as well. The Sect of Force temporarily increases weapon reload and swap speed with precision hits and stunning a Champion or defeating a boss or miniboss generates grenade energy for teammates. The Sect of Force also generates Super energy for allies who have a piece of Aeon cult gear equipped with a different Sect.

Destiny 2 How To Get The Aeson Swift Exotic

Unfortunately getting ahold of the Aeon Swift gauntlets in Destiny 2 is completely up to RNG as it can only be obtained from things like Exotic engrams and rare Exotic world drops. Occasionally Xur the Exotic vendor in Destiny 2 may have the gauntlets for sale over the weekend but its just as rare for him to be selling them. More Exotic engrams can be earned by completing vendor ranks and the Season of the Risen pass so those sources are the best way to earn the Aeon Swift armor piece.Titans and Warlocks also have their own version of the Hunter gauntlets called Aeon Safe and Aeon Soul respectively. These pieces can be obtained the same way and have the exact same effects and theyre fantastic for PvE content as well in Destiny 2.

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