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How The MCU Misled Rachel McAdams About Her Part In Doctor Strange 2

Rachel McAdams had a different outlook on what her character was supposed to look like in in Doctor Strange 2 Before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe Rachel McAdams was known for passing on blockbuster projects except for the Sherlock Holmes films So fans were delighted when she finally agreed to star in 2016s Doctor Strange alongside Benedict Cumberbatch However they couldnt help but wonder how Marvel convinced the actress Recent reports also say that the studio misled the Mean Girls star about her part in the star studded sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Heres the truth about McAdams journey into MCU.

The Real Reason Rachel McAdams Joined MCUs Doctor Strange?
In December 2015 McAdams said that Doctor Strange was the complete package so it was a no brainer to finally join the Marvel family as MTV put it I mean I just love the director explained the Notebook star I met with Scott Derrickson and loved his vision he was so passionate And the opportunity to work with Benedict was kind of a no brainer And Marvel makes amazing films so it was a complete package She added that its definitely not going to be like any of the other films Despite the anticipation to see the Oscar nominated actress play Christine Palmer alongside Cumberbatch and other toptier actors like Fantastic Beasts star Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton fans thought McAdams played a useless role.

In November 2016 Yahoo published an article titled Doctor Strange Lets Hope Rachel McAdams Is the Last Great Actress to Play a Useless Superhero Girlfriend There has been a long running issue about women in Marvel For instance Brie Larson and Natalie Portman were bashed for playing Captain Marvel and Jane Foster/Mighty Thor respectively Scarlett Johannsons lawsuit with Disney over Black Widow also sparked multiple controversies from her being demanding to her costars not supporting her throughout the ordeal.

How MCU Misled Rachel McAdams About Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?
In a recent interview with Indie Wire McAdams revealed that she was initially told her character would have three different versions She was also promised that her character would be a completely different person with different life experience in the sequel.

It did change a little bit from what I was originally told which was that it would be three different versions and we wound up with two different versions in the end she told the publication She continued But they said Id be playing a very different version of the Christine Palmer I played in the first film that I wasnt an emergency room doctor just a completely different person with a completely different life experience She went on to discuss Christines makeover where she now wears much more of a uniform as she has dyed her hair and is not in scrubs anymore.

The philanthropist also expressed her excitement about doing more action scenes I love doing action I love being physical as an actor I find it kind of gets me out of my head and theres always something surprising that comes out of it gushed the Game Night star I grew up playing sports so its nice to kind of use your body and see if it still works the way it used to And people love that stuff so its just really satisfying to get to participate in that way.

Will There Be A Doctor Strange 3?
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has left an opening for another sequel Marvel hasnt confirmed it yet but Cumberbatch is willing to wear the Cloak of Levitation once more I hope so I would love to do another one said The Hobbit star Doctor Strange is such a complex character and it feels like there is so much more to explore with him He is such a brilliant character and Im still having a wild time playing him.

Doctor Strange 2 director Sam Raimi who is behind Tobey Maguires SpiderMan trilogy is also hoping to return to MCU Absolutely Its like the worlds best toy box to be able to play at Marvel said the filmmaker Id love to come back and tell another tale especially with the great management theyve got there For now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige just revealed their Phase 5 lineup at the recent San Diego ComicCon It kicks off in 2023 with Ant Man And The Wasp Quantumania Disney+s Secret Invasion Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Hawkeye spinoff Echo Loki season 2 Blade Iron heart Agatha Coven of Chaos Daredevil Born Again Captain America New World Order and Thunderbolts.

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