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How The Batman’s Ending Differs From Other Dark Knight Movies

The Batman star Robert Pattinson has recently detailed how the new films ending flips the script on a classic Batman ending. The Batman is the newest interpretation of the iconic DC character with Pattinsons version of the Caped Crusader being the first depiction of Batman to exist outside of the DCEU since Christian Bale took on the role in The Dark Knight trilogy. The film follows Batman in his second year of crime fighting as he tracks down a mysterious new serial killer known as The Riddler Paul Dano. The Batman has certainly struck a chord with fans and since its release the film has seen acclaim from both audiences and critics alike with some even claiming it may be the best Batman film to date.Every new interpretation of the character and world of Batman has tried to do something new with the character. Tim Burtons world was steeped in his signature gothic tone while director Joel Schumacher brought with him neon colors and a large amount of camp. Nolans Dark Knight trilogy attempted to bring a heightened sense of realism to the world of Gotham and for quite some time The Dark Knight was considered the gold standard for Batman films. Being the newest in a very long line of Batman interpretations director Matt Reeves certainly strived to set The Batman apart from its predecessors and especially from the DCEU. The Batman finds a nice balance between Burtons gothic tones and Nolans realism and also flips many classic Batman tropes on their heads.

In an interview from the book The Art of The Batman as reported by Comicbook Pattinson has detailed how he was particularly drawn to the ending of the film as it reversed a very common Batman plot point. As many fans know most Batman stories revolve around how Batman seems to be fighting a losing fight against crime in Gotham City. Pattinson has pointed out how most Batman stories end with the character believing that hes given hope to the city which is not necessarily the case in The Batman. The Batman begins with Batman believing that there is no hope for Gotham however Pattinson has pointed out that by the end of the film the city manages to inspire hope in Batman instead of the other way around.

Pattinson is right of course. Many fans were wondering before the release of The Batman how it was going to manage to set itself apart from the likes of The Dark Knight and this is perhaps one of the most important examples. While The Dark Knight ends with Batman sacrificing his image as a hero for the greater good of a city that he believes in The Batman gives audiences a conflicted character who is slowly convinced that Gotham is worth fighting for after all despite being repeatedly told that it is not. This was a very interesting route for director Reeves to take especially given todays social climate.Ultimately Reeves and his team were certainly able to deliver a new kind of Batman story and perhaps most impressively one that can give audiences a bit of hope beyond if new Batman movies can still be good. The way Pattinson sees it The Batman is about the power of people coming together which is not something Batman always explores despite perhaps trying to on a few occasions. Even after over a month there are still new things to find in rewatches of The Batman.

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