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How The Bachelor Has Changed For The Worse Over The Years

Many changes have occurred on The Bachelor mostly for the worse since it began airing in March 2002. The premise for the ABC dating series which is one bachelor will meet a number of women date them all concurrently and ultimately choose one to propose to has remained the same but some unfortunate differences have emerged over the years. Any fan who started watching The Bachelor during its early days cannot help but notice some deterioration in various aspects of the popular franchise that just finished wrapping its 26th season.Die hard Bachelor Nation fans will never forget The Bachelorette season 1 which aired as a spinoff of The Bachelor in January 2003. The couple that emerged triumphant from that season Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter remain one of the most well known couples in Bachelor history. They married in December 2003 and have two children. The franchise has undergone changes since then some that have angered fans and some that have occurred without much fanfare. However in comparing earlier years of The Bachelor to today some differences that have taken place are clearly not for the better.

The contestants on The Bachelor used to present themselves very differently than they do today in appearance and behavior. Before the women began glamming up praying to be handed a rose during the rose ceremony the contestants in earlier seasons dressed for comfort and rather than appear desperate to be chosen they scrutinized The Bachelor making sure he was worthy of their time. In contrast Daria Rose a contestant on The Bachelor season 26 shared that she spent over 4000 dollars on her wardrobe only to have bachelor Clayton Echard eliminate her on the first night.The Bachelor has just reached its 20th anniversary and the show that packs each week with roses tears and drama has come a long way since Alex Michel chose Amanda Marsh on season 1. Its as if casting for The Bachelor has begun including auditions for the role of the villain. Its likely the producers are encouraging the lead to keep them around for the drama but they almost always get sent home sooner or later. The only villain who won The Bachelors heart was Courtney Robertson on Ben Flajniks season. Now viewers wonder who will play the villain each season. In a formulaic fashion the villain terrorizes contestants while sweetly seducing the trusting Bachelor until he catches on and eliminates her.

Another difference between The Bachelor of the past and the present is that the group dates have become more dangerous. On The Bachelor season 17 Sean Lowe consoled Amanda Moyer after she smacked her chin in a roller derby date. Contestant Tierra LiCausi received some TLC when she fell down the stairs during the same season then got hypothermia during a polar bear plunge. During The Bachelor season 24 women were injured on the football group date. Ambulance appearances have become commonplace in recent seasons prompting viewers to wonder if producers are sacrificing safety for ratings. Others speculate that some contestants fake illness or injury to secure more time with The Bachelor. For example fans wondered whether contestant Kelsey Poe on The Bachelor season 19 faked a panic attack so Chris Soules would give her extra attention.The original intent of The Bachelor seems to be falling by the wayside in favor of theatrics. With the growth of social media platforms The Bachelor has to now wonder if contestants are here for him or a potential fan base. Respect for fellow contestants is no longer. Its now the norm to interrupt anothers time with the lead in an attempt to seduce him with sexuality over anything else. Yet The Bachelor remains an immensely popular show despite its abysmal track record of sustained marriages. With an abundance of reality dating shows gracing screens today perhaps The Bachelor is just trying to stay in the game. That means villains are in and drama is always king.

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