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How Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Fuecoco Stacks Up Against Past Fire Starters

Fuecoco has been revealed as the FireType starter for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and it stacks up quite well against past FireType starters.

There has never been a better time to be a Pokemon fan. In addition to Pokemon Legends Arceus which was released in January gamers can also look forward to the next mainline installment this year Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With the announcement of the next mainline entry Game Freak also revealed the three new starter Pokemon gamers will get to pick to begin their adventure with. They are Sprigatito the GrassType Pokemon Quaxly the WaterType Pokemon and Fuecoco the FireType Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are due to release in late 2022 but many Pokemon fans have already chosen their favorite starter and quite a few of them have sided with Fuecoco. It is not hard to understand why considering its cute stout legs and its huge jaws which promises to turn into something formidable when it evolves. However Fuecoco is up against a long line of FireType starters that have seldom failed to impress.

Pokemon Red Green and Blue introduced what is arguably one of the most iconic FireType evolutionary lines in Pokemon. When the games launched in 1996 gamers could pick between Squirtle the WaterType Pokemon Bulbasaur the GrassType Pokemon and Charmander the FireType Pokemon. Charmander looks like a bipedal salamander with an everburning flame on the tip of its tail. This should not come as a surprise as its name is a combination of the word char meaning to burn and salamander.

What may be surprising is the fact that Charmander evolves into Charmeleon then into Charizard a terrifying Pokemon capable of breathing flames. Although Fuecocos evolutions have yet to be revealed Charmander beats Fuecoco on the cuteness scale. Its simpler design and mischievous smile make it an almost irresistible pick when lined up against most starter Pokemon. Fuecoco will need a powerful evolutionary line if it wishes to be a worthwhile pick against Charmander.
Generation Two

The first generation of Pokemon games was a runaway hit which put the second generation in a good position. Pokemon Gold and Silver were released in 1999 taking players to the Johto region where there are new Pokemon to discover. Players pick between three starters namely Totodile the WaterType Pokemon Chikorita the GrassType Pokemon and Cyndaquil the FireType Pokemon. Although cute Cyndaquil is perhaps one of the more forgettable FireType starters in the Pokemon series. The designs of its evolutionary line lack imagination and outside of having flames on its back there is not much special about it. In terms of design Fuecoco may edge ahead. With its massive jaws and wideopen eyes it seems far more animated and memorable than Cyndaquil is. Cyndaquil appears to be a gentle soul that only explodes when provoked while Fuecoco seems like the type of Pokemon that is always the life of the party.
Generation Three

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released in 2002. There were a host of new features introduced including double battles abilities and natures. The games are set in the Hoenn region which is composed of many smaller islands. Hence water travel forms a significant part of the games. The basic Pokemon formula remains unchanged and the adventure begins with players choosing between three starters Mudkip the WaterType Pokemon Treecko the GrassType Pokemon and Torchic the FireType Pokemon.

Torchic is undoubtedly a cute Pokemon. However it does not give off the impression that it is useful on the battlefield. Fuecoco is better able to balance looking cute with looking like it can do some damage thanks to its big jaws. Fuecoco is also a tad more likable for the simple reason that Torchic begins the trend of FireType starters evolving into bipedal Fire/Fighting Pokemon in their final stage and while it was cool to see a few times the formula got a bit stale and overused after it happened over multiple generations.


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