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How Encantos Outfits Tease Each Characters Power

Encanto goes to great lengths to highlight how the Madrigal family members have unique powers as each characters outfit connects to their abilities. Disneys Encanto is filled with incredible details as the animated outfits secretly tease each characters powers. The story of the Madrigal familys abilities began with tragedy but it proved to be the beginning of a new era for the lineage. Once the Madrigal family settled into their new home each of Abuela Almas descendants received special powers on their fifth birthday. This included getting a unique ability and specialized room and even their clothes helped reveal what each person could do.

The powers of each Madrigal family member originated as a means to better protect each other and the community they started. However Encanto followed the story of this special time potentially nearing its end. The Madrigal house began falling apart and the family candle began nearing the end of its wick. This set Mirabel on a journey to discover what was wrong with the familys abilities even though she was viewed as a bit of an outcast because Mirabel didnt receive powers when she was younger. Encanto uses action story and musical numbers to explore the many unique abilities of the Madrigals. But observant viewers or those in the community could easily learn about their powers by looking at their clothes.

Encanto doesnt explain why this is the case but every characters power is teased through their outfits. Regardless of whether this is the result of the Madrigal family magic or a clever reference made by animators a look at what each character is wearing teases their unique abilities in some way. This isnt based on colors but rather on the symbols shapes and patterns included in each characters outfit. For example Brunos ability to see the future is referenced with the hourglass figures on his poncho while Dolores dress has soundwaves on it to tease her super hearing. As such Encanto is able to use subtle visual clues to enhance its already extensive characterization.

Encanto Outfits Character Powers References Connections SR
Looking at the rest of the Madrigal family members their costumes also provide connections to their powers. Isabellas dress is covered with flowers which is an obvious reference to her power of controlling plants. Mirabels mother Julieta has symbols that are similar to herbs and spices to represent the healing powers that her cooking has. Camillos poncho has chameleons on it to highlight his shapeshifting powers since the reptiles can change the color of their appearance. Pepas dress has patterns that look like rays of sunshine and raindrops to reference her weather controlling abilities. Meanwhile Luisas super strength is referenced through the dumbbell symbols along the bottom of her dress and Antonios jacket has animals on it for his ability to communicate with them.

It is because of the details in Encantos outfits that Mirabels lack of powers and attire become all the more intriguing. Since she does not have any powers the movies decision to have her skirt include references to all of the Madrigal members is worth noting. This little Easter egg is more fascinating when her role in keeping the family together is considered. It is for that reason that speculation began that she will later get powers connected to being a leader in the family. Even if that does not happen Encantos outfits provide plenty of details for viewers to keep an eye on.

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