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How Does Music Get Used in Gaming

Games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment around today. A big reason for this is that they combine several other forms of media together into one fun interactive experience with intriguing characters stunning visuals and an engaging story. Even casinos manage this with their slots using unique symbols bonus features and cut scenes to tell stories of pirates Egyptian mythology and space exploration. Many of these online casinos make these engaging games available for free thanks to the free spins and other bonuses that they offer to new customers. Another tool in the arsenal of game developers telling their stories is music. Its incredibly versatile allowing creators to use it in many different scenarios including these key ones.

Setting the Scene
The settings for games are just as diverse as books movies and television shows. Some are set in the past such as the Wild West era of Red Dead Redemption while others were written to reflect the modern day. Other games like Mario and Angry Birds are set in entirely fictional worlds. Regardless music is an important task in setting the scene by providing audible clues for players. For example in the Grand Theft Auto franchise players can only listen to music while driving in vehicles and get the chance to choose between several different virtual radio stations. Each one is a playlist of eraspecific songs interspersed with mock commercials for fictional products. This helps to create a more realistic experience while helping to create a sense of when the game is set.

Alerting Players to Danger
Game developers often change the music being played depending on whats happening on screen. This can help to alert players of increased danger to their character from the presence of a new enemy or a short timer. This happens in the Mario platform games with the background music increasing in tempo and volume when there are 100 seconds left on the clock. The switch warns the player that they need to hurry up if they want to complete the level and not lose a life.

Celebrating Victories
Similarly games change the music they play to signify victory. This helps to give you a small reward to recognise the effort you went to in order to succeed making the game more rewarding and engaging. Almost all games use this technique though some may only employ a short melody while others may have created a much longer piece of music. Either way the effect is the same.

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