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How Aharen Raina Became the New Fujiwara Chika

In her own quiet way Reina Aharen becomes the new Fujiwara Chika iconic dance moves and all. aharen is like chika The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Aharen San is Indecipherable Were Changing Seats Huh now streaming on Crunchy roll. Aharen San is Indecipherable is a brand new romcom series of the Spring 2022 anime season and the show must strike a delicate balance of familiar and new in the crowded anime scene. The concept of high school anime is a crowded one with many dozens of series available already so Aharen San strives to pay tribute to more established series while also finding its own voice.

Episode 3 finds a solution with more visual gags and bizarre comedy than ever to contrast the plain looking characters with their vibrant imagination. That includes Aharens newfound passion for dancing which may remind fans of the famous Chika dance from KaguyaSama Love is War which also happens to be streaming in this anime season. Against all odds Aharen Reina is the new Fujiwara Chika dance moves and all.

Aharen dance 2
Episode 3 of AharenSan is Indecipherable delivered more wacky humor than ever before and for anime fans who simply want memorable comedy skits to brighten their day Episode 3 delivers. Not only does Aharen reference other anime series with some iconic haircuts she also picks up a new hobby dancing and her friend Raido wants in.

Aharen is a cool and aloof kuudere who doesnt often express herself but she does have a vivid imagination and a warm heart as these three episodes show. She gladly welcomed her new friend Raido into her world of dancing. They both of perform silly dances with a straight face before uploading the finished product to YouTube. Raido feels disappointed by the minimal reception there but Aharen soldiered on and performed the dance for class before performing it again for the ending credits in place of the usual visuals.

All this makes Aharen a kuudere version of Fujiwara Chika toning down Chikas troublemaker persona while retaining her whimsical self expressive ways. A few years ago Chika made anime history with her beloved Chika dance and now its Aharens turn. Granted Aharens dance probably will not end up nearly as iconic as Chikas but anyone who loves memeable anime moments is sure to appreciate what Aharen has to offer all the same. And Aharen does not have to become a total Chika clone to do it she stays true to herself the entire time which is important.

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