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How a PS5 Uncharted Can Revamp The Series Formula

Of the numerous PlayStation exclusive franchises Naughty Dogs Uncharted could arguably be seen as the most popular. Heading the first party lineup during both the PS3 and PS4 generations and now having a feature film starring Tom Holland the Uncharted series has enjoyed immense success since it hit the scene in 2007. That being said the franchise has gone quiet in terms of new games with the last major release being Uncharted The Lost Legacy in 2017.A recent interview with a Naughty Dog employee seems to hint that more Uncharted projects could be in the works something which is sure to excite fans of Nathan Drake. After so many years a return to these adventures cant just be the same old song and dance it would need to bring some new concepts to the table. Considering Naughty Dog is a studio with a history of upping the ante there are ways in which a PS5 Uncharted can revamp the series formula.

Uncharted on PS5 Could Have a More Open Ended Mission Structure

For the most part Uncharted is a linear narrative driven adventure series. Players are moved from set piece to set piece in structured environments. Theres nothing wrong with this but a new next gen Uncharted cant simply be more of the same. In Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End and The Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog has shown interest in spicing up the gameplay by adding new scenarios and more open areas to explore.While going full on open world may feel like too much of a deviation from what Uncharted is there are other avenues that can be explored. For one maybe a branching storyline that gives players more freedom in how to approach missions. A main hub world could have different areas surrounding it to explore in any order and depending on how they are tackled it changes the overall outcome of the experience.Furthermore considering Uncharted follows characters in search of buried treasure Naughty Dog could have a bit more fun with this aspect of the series. It could include a bevy of hidden trinkets ready to be discovered and perhaps take a note from Breath of the Wild in how seamlessly the sense of discovery and wonder are woven into the passing moments of gameplay. In order for this to work Naughty Dog may have to put story on the back burner more than usual but considering the studios talent it should be able to strike a good balance.

Uncharted on PS5 Could Use Customizable Gear Equipment

To compliment a more open ended approach some tweaks would need to be made to how players engage with the game. To add an extra sense of immersion and really help players feel like a treasure hunter Naughty Dog could allow for more customization when it comes to the gear and equipment being used. This would be a breath of fresh air and let players feel like they are the ones calling the shots as globe trotting explorers.Players could set a loadout before heading out into a mission choosing items like a grappling hook diving gear or even a dirt bike. However certain areas could only be accessible by using specific gear which would bring more replayability to the experience and encourage players to come back to areas later. This could even be marked down in Nates journal as seen in Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End with players keeping track of interesting locations that they may want to revisit later.

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