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Homelander Actually Made Vought Easier To Beat In The Boys Season 4

Homelander’s power-hungry narcissism exhibited in The Boys season 3 will be the downfall of Vought in The Boys season 4. Vought will look very different with the explosive Homelander as the new leader. Without a calculating, levelheaded leader, there’s a gaping hole that will allow the Boys to dominate Vought. Stan Edgar’s The Boys season 3 twist changes the landscape for bringing down Vought, making it a real possibility. Homelander may be the leader of the Seven, but he has always been advised on the proper moves. With no authority above him, Homelander has made it significantly easier to beat Vought.

Homelander’s Takeover Has Made Vought Weaker
the-boys-antony-starr-homelander In The Boys season 3 episode “Glorious Five Year Plan,” Homelander uses Victoria Neuman to force out Stan Edgar and take over Vought, but it’s a poor move that leaves Vought weak. When Homelander speaks to Edgar in The Boys season 2 episode “History Lesson,” Edgar reveals Vought is a pharmaceutical company and the biggest asset is Compound V and that’s exactly why Homelander is afraid of Stan Edgar. Vought is not truly a superhero company and Homelander is insignificant. Edgar is a powerful businessman who has been able to successfully control Homelander for years. Forcing out Edgar forces out the brains of the operation.

Vought is weak with Homelander as the leader because he’s not a savvy businessman; he’s a highly unstable superhero who does not understand the purpose of Vought. If he was more emotionally stable, Homelander would be an acceptable leader, but only if the purpose of Vought was rescuing people and stopping criminals. The reality is that Vought is in the business of making money and supes are the product. Homelander is ruthless, but lacks the intelligence needed to run the company and makes emotional, impulsive decisions. Edgar is a more formidable force who made calculated moves within Vought that Homelander can’t live up to.

The Boys Can Finally Beat Vought In Season 4
Starlight using her powers on The Boys With Homelander at the helm, it’s possible for the Boys to beat Vought. Starlight is the biggest threat to Vought after leaving the Seven, calling out Homelander, and revealing the truth about Soldier Boy. As a whistleblower, Annie can easily gain support as Homelander continues to show his true colors to the public. Homelander will likely make a wrong move, under the impression that he can do no wrong with his fans. With Starlight joining the Boys, they become more fearsome as Annie’s powers grow.

Now that Starlight is joining the Boys and Queen Maeve took down Soldier Boy, more supes are likely to join the rebels to put a stop to Homelander. Without Edgar, Vought will become disorganized and fall apart, leaving an opening for the Boys to overthrow Homelander and bring down Vought. With Homelander in a position of real power, The Boys season 4 will look a lot different from the subdued Homelander begrudgingly obeying his superiors.


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