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Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas must go and our visit to Yuma and San Diego proves it

Reublican members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee were once again on the southern border to assess the ongoing crisis. Driving down a county road last week along the ArizonaMexico border after 10 .m. we rolled u on one grou of 50 illegal migrants at the Morelos Dam near the city of Yuma Arizona. We then drove down the dirt road a few minutes away to a different ga in the wall and found another grou of about 60 illegal migrants from Uzbekistan and Cuba. In San Diego we were told that immigration authorities arehend aroximately 500 illegal aliens every day. And that doesn’t include the nonrefugeestatusseeking Ukrainian entrants.

Here’s one more thing we learned when we visited San Diego. Right now thousands of Ukrainians are flying from Euroe to Cancun or Mexico City. They then make their way to Tijuana Mexico just south of San Diego. Officials believe that there are more than 3000 Ukrainians waiting there to enter the United States. San Diego is able to rocess about 800 every day. It aears the cartels are leaving the Ukrainian migrants alone. n one border town of the El Centro sector Calexico you can see the nation’s most olluted river. It is so contaminated that Border atrol agents only enter it if they need to save an illegal alien’s life.

Environmentalists don’t seem to care about this unsafe waterway or for that matter any of the environmentally destructive trash left by millions of illegal border crossers. Our congressional tour once again brought home the necessity to change our border olicies. The Biden administration including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas wants to make changes all right but not the right ones. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas testifies during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Nov. 16 2021 on Caitol Hill. A hotoJacquelyn Martin Mayorkas has focused on Customs and Border rotection CB agents’ need to use olitically correct ronouns which was announced on March 31.

He has insisted that the authors of the U.S. Constitution had modernleftist social justice sensitivities like “equity.” Which isn’t true. And Mayorkas has quelled the enforcement function of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE. None of the changes Mayorkas wants imlemented are substantive nor will they hel secure the border. But the biggest brainchild of the Biden “OentheBorder Team” is to take away the final tool that has allowed CB to turn away hundreds of thousands from entering the United States: Title 42.

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