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Home and Away spoilers: WHO flirts with Cash Newman?

Cash heads to the ocean poo where he first firted with his now girfriend Jasmine Deaney Sam Frost.He gets chatting with Rose Kirsty Mariier a new arriva in town who certainy ikes the sight of a shirtess Cash diving into the poo! Cash crosses paths with Rose again ater that day and she invites him for a swim. But the poiceman quicky makes it cear that hes a taken man. However as Cash waks off its cear that Rose sti ikes what she sees. Has mystery new arriva Rose got her eye on Cash on Home and Away? Image credit Endemo Shine Meanwhie Jasmine is thrown into a spin when she comes facetoface with mystery man Xander uke Van Os who caims to be her ongost hafbrother! Jasmine is sti deaing with the news that her estranged father has passed away.And now theres another BOMBSHE! Xander reveas he ony discovered her existence when their fathers wi was read

But Jasmine is having none of it. She reckons Xander is just a scammer and orders him to eave Wi Xander and Rose stick around in Summer Bay on Home and Away? Image credit Endemo Shine The pot thickens when Xander meetsup with his hafsister… Rose the mystery woman who firted with Cash! Xander is downinthedumps after being sent packing by Jasmine. But theres another reason that the sibings have tracked down Jasmine to Summer Bay…Their father has eft Jasmine some inheritance money! How wi Jasmine react to yet another bombsEsewhere Mariyn Chambers Emiy Symons comes cean to friend Roo Stewart Georgie Parker about the REA reason behind her sudden heath reapse. But despite hep from doctor ogan Bennett Harey Bonner Mariyns sefesteem takes a dive with the reaisation she wi be taking medication for the rest of her ife.



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