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Hogwarts Legacy Chicken Trick is Good for Getting Some Extra Gold

Some Hogwarts Legacy players discover a trick for turning chickens and other objects into some extra gold to acquire new items and upgrades. There are many things in Hogwarts Legacy that require players to spend in-game gold, and players have discovered a chicken trick that’s good for earning a little extra. With how many spells there are in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s easy for players to forget about some useful tools for challenges they face, and this fan has discovered a tool most others could use themselves to get free gold.

As Hogwarts Legacy players progress through the storyline, they will unlock a wide variety of spells both offensive and defensive, as well as unique Room of Requirement and magical beast ones. Among the Hogwarts Legacy spells is the transformation spell which is part of the yellow control magic that can double as barrier destroyers should an enemy shield match the color. Though this transformation ability is rarely utilized in the Hogwarts Legacy campaign, some players have found a purpose for it in their side activities.

Reddit user BigPlayG757 and YouTube content creator VividGamingTV are among a few Hogwarts Legacy players that have discovered that you can turn basically anything into in-game gold. BigPlayG757 hilariously uses this trick on a chicken near Hogwarts Legacy’s Hogsmeade, while VividGamingTV has highlighted its effectiveness with vases in the Undercroft. Although the amount of gold that this Hogwarts Legacy trick will yield is quite low, the sheer number of things that can be transformed into currency will reward players with as much as they need in time.

The amount of gold that a Hogwarts Legacy player will receive from transforming items, chickens, and more into currency is randomized and doesn’t reach more than 40 coins. While VividGamingTV got lucky with their transformations and BigPlayG757’s clip concludes before the second chicken is turned into gold, the latter would’ve only had to use the spell one or two more times to turn the vase into currency. This rotation is seemingly random like the Hogwarts Legacy chests as well, but there are only a handful of objects that will transform before turning into the coveted galleons.

Because Hogwarts Legacy players have to progress a decent amount through the story in order to unlock the transformation spell, lower-level witches and wizards will be unable to utilize this trick. Another trick in the later game that fans have discovered revolves around the Hogwarts Legacy magical beasts which can be bred in the vivariums before being sold to the Brood and Peck shop in Hogsmeade.


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