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High School Musical The Musical The Series Sseason 3 Just Wrapped Filming

Heres everything you need to know about the new season of Disneys hit gay inclusive musical show! Thats right the students of East High are coming back again for another season of Disneys hit queerinclusive show High School Musical The Musical The Series. And based on an Instagram post made by star Frankie A. Rodriguez it looks like the upcoming third season of the show has officially wrapped.

Thats a wrappy wrap on Camp Shallow Lake! Rodriguez who plays gay student Carlos on the show wrote. Thank you to all the campers and counselors who made it an amazing summer! We already knew that season 3 of the show would be moving away from Salt Lake City and East High and see the students of the drama club going to a summer sleep away camp called Camp Shallow Lake complete with campfires summer romances and curfewless nights. At summer camp the kids will be putting on a production of Frozen so get ready for not just original songs and HSM songs but songs from that franchise as well. We have also heard that theyll be singing songs from the Camp Rock movies this year.

Season 3 comes with some cast changes as well. Star Olivia Rodrigo whos busy with her Grammy winning music career is stepping back from a series regular to a recurring character for this season. New cast members for the season include Ben Stillwell Better Nate Than Evers Aria Brooks and Liamani Segura. Original High School Musical alum Corbin Bleu is also joining the cast appearing as himself in the upcoming season. Other new regulars include Adrian Lyles and Saylor Bell.

Most of the cast members will be back including Joshua Bas sett Matt Cornett Sofia Wylie Julia Lester Dara Reneé. Hannah Montana Star Jason Earles is joining as the director of the summer camp and Zombies star Meg Donnelly is guesting as a college student. We do not know exactly when the new season will premiere but we cant wait to see the Wildcats Let It Go this season at summer camp!

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