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Hidden Agents of SHIELD Connection Spotted In Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Photos

Ms. Marvel is gearing up for an explosive finale. Throughout its first four episodes the mystery behind Kamala Khans bangle and her family history has been at the center of the narrative. Episode 4 pushed the story even further when the titular hero traveled to Pakistan to learn more about her familys past eventually crossing paths with the Red Daggers. This is where Kamala became aware of the ClanDestines plan and her familial origin as Djinns.

At the tailend of Episode 4 Kamala and Kamran went head to head with the ClanDestines ultimately leading to a clash that sent the young MCU hero back in time during the Partition of India in 1942. Ms. Marvel Episode 5 titled Time and Again focused on Aishas compelling backstory while also revealing that Kamala is the one who saved her Nani during the fateful night where the trail of stars led her back to her father. The penultimate installment also ended the storyline of the Noor Dimension by featuring the premature death of the ClanDestines. Still the villains demise showcased an interesting Easter egg that could tie them to the Inhumans.

During Episode 3 it was revealed that the main goal of the ClanDestines is to get home but doing so would endanger Earth. Episode 5 ultimately featured the opening of the Veil where the barrier between the Noor Dimension and Earth has been ripped open. However when one of the ClanDestines tried to enter the rift she was killed turning into a cocoonlike state before perishing.
While the design of the cocoon from Ms. Marvel isnt really visually similar to the one seen from the Terrigenesis that came in Agents of SHIELD the fact that there is a cocoon present in both instances suggests a strong connection between the two occurrences. In Agents of SHIELD characters who were not Inhumans died after being exposed to Terrigen. As for those who have the Inhuman gene the person was instantly given powers after being encased in a cocoon.


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