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‘Hawkeye’ Director Rhys Thomas to Helm Live-Action ‘Robotech’ Movie for Sony

Disney+s Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas has been chosen to helm Sonys liveaction adaptation of the iconic 80s anime franchise Robotech Deadline reports. Thomas was the main director of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series which was greeted with both critical appraisal and high viewing numbers. Consisting of 85 episodes the original Robotech anime series is set in a future where humanity is under attack by ferocious alien armies. To fight off the invaders humans explore the wreckage of a fallen alien starship and develop giant mechas that can help defend the planet. You are not entirely wrong if you are thinking Pacific Rim as Guillermo del Toros cinematic universe is inspired by classic Japanese mecha animes including Robotech.

While Robotech was sold in the West as a single series the show actually mixes three different Japanese animes Super Dimension Fortress Macross Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA. Since neither of the original series achieved the minimum of 65 episodes required by U.S. syndicated television producer Harmony Gold USA in association with Tatsunoko Production decided to grab three shows reedit them and record the dialogue to make a single franchise. The result is one of the most memorable anime series of the 80s which helped make mecha stories popular in America. Due to the recut that led to the creation of Robotech the liveaction film adaptation has a lot of material they could use. The series deal with three subsequent alien invasions one from each of the original shows that got recut meaning that the film adaptation could also aim for sequels should the first one win the audiences.


Besides the 85episode show the Robotech franchise also counts three animated movies dozens of comic books novels video games and even collectible cards. Thomas is directing the Robotech movie adaptation from a script by Marcum & Holloway with a rewrite by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Before Thomas jumped on the Robotech train the film was set to be helmed by It director Andrés Muschietti. Wonder Woman cowriter Jason Fuchs was also initially expected to write the Robotech script but has apparently left the project together with Muschietti. Thats reasonable considering how the first talks about the adaptation came out in 2017 with the project remaining silent until now. Of course everybody has a schedule that cannot wait for years without end especially Hollywood bigshots so the departure of the original director and writer is not surprising.

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