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Hawkeye Boss Set to Direct Robotech’s Live-Action Film

Rhys Thomas is the latest director at the helm of the liveaction Robotech movie As reported by Deadline the Emmynominated Thomas has signed on to direct the oftdelayed liveaction adaptation of the beloved scifi anime classic The project is currently based around a script which was originally penned by Punisher Warzone scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway which is now being given a rewrite by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka the writing duo behind the upcoming A24 comedythriller Sharper BESIDES MACROSS WHICH MECHA ANIME BECAME ROBOTECH

The liveaction Robotech movie was first announced in 2007 but development on the project was stalled by a decadeslong legal battle between Harmony Gold the studio behind the animated series that aired in North America and Big West the rights owners of Super Dimension Fortress Macross one of the original Japanese anime shows that was heavily rewritten and reedited to create Robotech The dispute over the rights to both series reportedly not only prevented Sony Pictures and Harmony Gold from moving forward with their liveaction movie but it also prevented the international release of Macross many sequels much to chagrin of anime fans around the world The complex legal battle was finally settled in 2021 paving the way for both new Macross and Robotech releases around the world

Thomas is the latest high profile director to be attached to the project Saw and Aquaman director James Wan was previously planned to helm the film at one time as was It director Andy Muschetti Multiple screenwriters have also been assigned to the film during its fifteen years in development hell including Wonder Womans Jason Fuchs SpiderMan actor Tobey Maguire was originally attached to produce and star in the film HOW A FORGOTTEN DONGHUA COPIED POPULAR MECHA ANIME & CHANGED CHINESE MEDIA Robotech originally premiered in 1985 and was created by combining footage from three unrelated anime series the previously mentioned Macross Super Dimension Calvalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada together into one narrative The series is set in the aftermath of World War 3 which suddenly ends after a massive alien spaceship crashes in the South Pacific Realizing they are not alone in the universe humanity unites and reverse engineers the Robotechnology found within the ship The new peace is shattered when a warmongering race of alien giants the Zentraedi track the derelict vessel to Earth and begin a new even more destructive conflict

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