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Harry Potter: To Which Wizard Family Do You Belong, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The world of Harry Potter is known for its many ancient wizard families. These lineages can be traced for hundreds of years and most people in the wizarding world will judge others based on their blood relations. Each family has specific characteristics that define them and of which they are usually very proud.Even though there are members of a family who turn out to be a little different they have certain traits in common that are undeniable even if they don’t want to admit it. These traits can be related to zodiac signs so fans can be able to assess the wizard family in which they could best find their place.

Harry Potter Weasley family in Egypt in front of the pyramids all smilingTauruses are tenacious and stubborn people. This sign loves stability and consistency and sometimes can be a little too set in its ways. Plus they aren’t afraid of hard work to achieve what they believe is right. Yet they still enjoy relaxing and spending time with the people they loveThis perfectly describes the Weasleys. Their stubbornness can sometimes make their relationships complicated such as when Mrs. Weasley refuses to accept Fred and George’s chosen career path but anyone couldn’t find a more loyal and dependable family in the wizarding world.

Leo – The Black Family Sirius Black standing in his house in Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixThis fire sign is known for its pride vanity and passion. They are usually confident natural leaders who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in. However Leo’s self-confidence can sometimes turn into arrogance and stubbornness which can be a problem when they don’t accept they also make mistakes.Black family is famous for their prideful arrogant ways just like Leo. Even though some Blacks perfect the dark arts Sirius Regulus and Andromeda Black showed to have big hearts which lead them to fight for the good of the world. However that didn’t make them any less vain and proud.

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