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Harley Quinn’s New Codename Proves She’s Ashamed of Her Heroism

Harley Quinn is an antihero in the comics, but in the animated series, she wants to hide her heroics from Poison Ivy. That means she needs a mask. In a comic based on her animated show, Harley Quinn has taken on a new codename that highlights how she’s trying to hide being a hero. Last season of Harley Quinn was completely out of control. Poison Ivy ended up trying to take over the world and turn it into a plant paradise.

Unfortunately, she turned humans into plant zombies in the process. Harley, who is beginning to question her place as a villain, had been leaning more and more into becoming a hero. Seeing what Ivy was doing as wrong, Harley sacrificed herself so that Ivy had to give up her plans in order to return Harley to normal. Now, with Batman in jail for tax evasion, Harley has joined the Bat-Family to try and keep Gotham safe.

In Harley Quinn: Legion of Bats #3, a spinoff comic from the animated Harley Quinn show, by Tee Franklin and Jon Mikel, Harley has taken her role in the Bat-Family to the next level. She is training with Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. When they all have to go out on a mission, Harley tags along wearing a Catwoman outfit and a shower curtain as a cape. She’s calling herself the Red Bat in order to hide her identity. She is doing this because Ivy is not aware that Harley has joined the Bat-Family.

Poison Ivy Doesn’t Know Harley Is A New Bat Hero

It’s quite a weird situation between Harley and Ivy. Although Ivy is aware that Harley wants to be a hero, she has no idea that her girlfriend is working alongside Batman’s allies. Also, this is happening while Poison Ivy has taken over as leader of the new Legion of Doom. The two of them are on very different paths and it is unclear if their relationship can survive the strain. This is most likely why Harley has taken up a brand new identity to perform her heroics.

She wants to be a hero but is uncertain how Ivy will feel if she knew she was being a hero alongside Batman’s allies. This shame, fear, and worry has driven Harley to invent a completely new identity. What’s also interesting is that she has taken on a Bat-related moniker in order to seamlessly fit in to the Bat-Family.

So far, Harley and Ivy have kept their new jobs separate from one another, but it is doubtful that this status quo will last long. It’s only a matter of time before Poison Ivy discovers a new Bat superhero in Gotham. From there, Harley’s shameful secret will be out in the open, and she’ll have to reconcile those feelings with Ivy. Until then, Harley Quinn is just going to have to get used to being the Red Bat.


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