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Harley Quinn Was the First to Know Robin Is Bisexual

It turns out that Robin Tim Drakes bisexuality was hinted at years before he even came out by the unlikeliest of people Harley Quinn. Tim Drake coming out as bisexual is of the most momentous occasions in the third Robins life and it was foreshadowed by Harley Quinn of all people. A brief interaction between the two shows Harley recognizing something in Tim that would take him quite some time to admit publicly.

It was a happy moment inuniverse and out when Batmans third Robin Tim came out publicly as bisexual. The development wasnt just an additional layer of characterization for Tim but a significant step towards LGBTQ+ representation in a medium that has been criticized as lacking in that regard. While there have been a number of queer comic characters through the years Drakes coming out was one of the most highprofile reveals in recent years up there with Superman Jonathan Kent who also came out as bi at roughly the same time. Tim joins a number of other canonically bi characters in the DC Universe such as Wonder Woman Constantine and Harley Quinn.

Speaking of Harley it looks like she was able to pick up something about the Boy Wonder years before he would come out. The two wind up crossing one anothers path in the 2001 comic Harley Quinn #10 by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson. Someone has a hit out on Harley Quinns life and she cant stand to be cooped up in her apartment with no company other than her gang. She comes up with the brilliant to her at least idea to investigate the hit by dressing up as Batgirl to protect her identity while out and about. Unfortunately she gets a little too into the role and comes facetoface with a bewildered Robin.

As Tim demands to know who she is Harley attempts to deflect the young heros questions by asking Tim if he chose to become Robin in order to be close to girls or perhaps boys in costume.
Of course it could just be interpreted as Harley trying to confuse and disarm Tim from discovering her real identity. But its interesting to look back on the moment with the context of the Robins newly embraced sexuality. Particularly because the first person to discuss the idea with Tim is one of DCs most prominent bi characters.

For years fans read Harley Quinn as bi owing to her recurring Joker obsession and her attraction to Poison Ivy. Similarly Tim Drake has been interpreted as bisexual by fans over his deep feelings for Stephanie Brown and Conner Kent. While Harley found the freedom to explore herself sooner than Tim did its interesting that two characters with queer undertones shared such a scene as this. Harley might seem like a loon but one of her most underrated skills is her ability to read people.

Did she see something in Tim that she recognized in herself? A kindred spirit she thought she could help see the light with a bit of playful teasing? Maybe it wasnt the original intention but with both Harley Quinn and Tim Drakes Robin out and proudly bi thats certainly a way the moment can be read now. Next Tim Drake Gets The Identity & Team He Always Deserved in DC Iron Mans Twisted Civil War Secret Turned Him into a Supervillain  About The Author Justin Epps is either a professional amateur or an amateurish professional depending on who you ask.

Wanting to break into entertainment journalism as well as capitalize on his lifelong hobbies hes begun taking up writing jobs starting here at Screen Rant. Hes currently based in South Carolina and wondering if its humanly possible to type up 600 articles a month.

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