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Harley Quinn Admits the Heartwrenching Origin of Her Color Scheme

Harley Quinn has more recently been seen wearing red and blue opposed to her classic red and black look but the reason why parallels her hero turn. Warning contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #15 The color scheme of a superhero and even a supervillain’s costume says a lot about who they are and Harley Quinn is no exception to that rule. Many famous villains like The Joker and Lex Luthor wear purple and green. Green evokes emotions of envy while purple showcases a certain royalty. Hence the snobbiest and highest class of villainy are seen wearing green and purple. Meanwhile heroes like Superman and SpiderMan are often seen wearing calming inviting complementary colors like red and blue.

While Harley Quinn isn’t exactly green with envy nor is purple typically found in her closet she was introduced into the DC Universe wearing red and black. Harley Quinn’s classic red and black costume has become an iconic look that audiences best associate with the newly redeemed antiheroine. However as some readers may recall Harley Quinn never solely wore red and black. The title character reminds readers of this fact in Harley Quinn #15 by Riley Rossmo and Stephanie Nicole Phillips. While fighting off a mysterious new villain called Verdict Harley refers in passing to a blue costume that she previously wore. For those hardpressed trying to remember a blue version of her famous costume it didn’t live long enough to see the light of day as Harley quickly discarded it once The Joker showed his disapproval. His henchman would laugh whenever he joked about it saying Harley Quinn looked ugly in blue. While it’s certainly a bittersweet origin as it suggests why she always wore red and black when she dated The Joker Harley Quinn’s affection for the color blue offers insight into her more recent turn as a hero.

As mentioned earlier red and blue is a color scheme that is often associated with superheroes like Superman and SpiderMan. In recent memory as she continues to transition from a fullblown villain into a redeemed hero Harley Quinn incorporates red and blue in her costume design. Not just in her current comic run but also in spinoff media like the DCEU movies and her HBO Max TV series. In just a few lines this one panel recontextualizes Harley’s current color scheme as a deliberate choice to wear blue. Harley Quinn’s more modern design now serves as both a massive middle finger to her ex who hated when she wore blue and simultaneously symbolizes her aspirations to be better. Not just better at being a hero but also a better person after being attached to the hip of a psychopath for so many years. By wearing the colors of one of the DC World’s Finest heroes Harley Quinn is on her way to becoming the hero she’s destined to be.

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