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Harley Quinn Actress Teases Poison Ivy Romance In Season 3

Its no secret that DCs villains are often just as interesting as its heroes and no character has made that clearer than Harley Quinn. The character has seen a huge surge in popularity thanks to Margot Robbies portrayal of the character in two Suicide Squad films as well as an adult animated TV show dedicated to the character on HBO Max. The Harley Quinn series became a smash hit with fans thanks to its blend of comedy action and violence which often isnt afraid to get meta about the worlds of DC. The show follows the adventures of Harley Quinn who is freshly single after breaking up with the Joker and goes about recruiting her own team of villains on her quest to become a criminal kingpin. Audiences have been waiting almost two years for another season of the show on HBO Max. Thankfully Harley Quinns third season isnt far away and it seems like it will be well worth the wait

. Harley Quinn Season 3 Will Have More RomanceThe actress who voices Harley Quinn said that there is so much good stuff in store for Season 3 and that it is ridiculous and gets more and more insane. She also teased a number of brilliant celebrity guest stars for the season ahead. friendship between Harley and Ivy to turn into something more. After denying their attraction for the better part of Season 2 the duo finally admitted their feelings for each other in the season finale and drove off into the sunset together. A tiein comic book run titled The Eat Bang Kill Tour has already filled in some of the gaps between Seasons 2 and 3 with Harley and Ivy taking their newfound romance on the road. It seems the third season of Harley Quinn will build on this dynamic by focusing on Harley and Ivys relationship as one of the main plot lines.

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