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Halo Infinite developer reveals new roadmap for Season 2

According to 343 Industries the games developer Halo Infinite is getting a fresh batch of new content with new updates taking place from May 2022 on Xbox and PC. A new blog post on the website Halo Waypoint breaks down what players can expect to be included in Season 2. Theres going to be more multiplayer content but fans are also eagerly awaiting news of a coop mode being added to the games campaign.

The update from the developer focuses primarily on the next season titled Lone Wolves which will be running from 3 May until 7 November 2022 with an estimation of when other requested features will be added during that time. Not only this but two new maps and a new 100tier battle pass will be included as well. Forge mode is also making a return as an open beta which will allow players to customise their own maps a feature that was seen in previous Halo titles.

If you want to find out more about the planned content for Halo Infinite in 2022 then read the rest of the article below. Halo Infinite season two roadmap details 343 Industries playable in Arena mode and Breaker will be available to play in big team battle the large 12 vs 12 skirmishes. Three new modes are also being added to Halo Infinites multiplayer King of the Hill Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing for more game variations. Network coop for the campaign mode has been given a release window of August 2022 and the Forge mode open beta has been scheduled for September 2022. Both dates have been given as targets meaning that they could be subject to change during development.

Theres also a new Fracture mode Entrenched which will be taking place between 2430 May. Plus theres two new narrative events Interference and Alpha Pack to look forward to too. The former will be taking place between 316 May and the latter is scheduled to take place between 19 July and 1 August 2022. Halo Infinites multiplayer mode is free to play andis also available via an Xbox Game Pass subscription. The full game including the campaign mode can also be purchased from the Xbox store as a standalone game £54.99 Xbox.com.

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