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Guchi releases new music video for her latest single Benzema – HapaKenya

Female singer Guchi has released a music video for her latest single Benzema. Guchi has remained constant with her music releases since she released her breakout hit Jennifer. With over 35 million digital streams currently the pop singer has shown solid staying power with the acceptance of subsequent releases like the remix of Jennifer with Tanzanias Rayvanny and the resurfacing of her 2019 song Addicted.

While many artists may suffer from hit song transitions Guchis newest single Benzema is designed to wean her global fans off their former TikTok addiction by slipping them another banger. In figurative reference to French Footballer Karim Benzema the single is a rendition of a love-smitten woman ready to go above and beyond for a reciprocating lover. Guchi in her feminine glory sensually threads words and melodies that endears the song to listeners. Her lyrics In my head you dey play you dey score you be Benzema essentially applauding her partners capability of nailing their relationship goals.

Having strategically cracked and taken centre-stage in the East African markets Guchis music is now more intentional to accommodate various regional needs. Produced by Chech Benzema is marinated in many African flavours that give it a continental appeal while possessing a soccer title theme that could have the song far-flung to the ends of the earth.

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