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Green Arrow’s Son Connor Hawke Comes Out as Asexual in DC Pride

Before DC Pride 2022 hits shelves fans are getting a glimpse at a story that will involve Green Arrows son Connor Hawke officially coming out as asexual. In an interview with Them fans got a first look at Think of Me a story set to be featured in the latest DC Pride anthology. Written by an all ace creative team the story is set to be a landmark moment for the character and a big step in asexual representation.Connor Hawke was created by Kelley Puckett and Jim Aparo and first appeared in Green Arrow 0. The illegitimate son of Oliver Queen Connor stepped in to replace his father after Olivers apparent death in Green Arrow 101. Connor Hawke recently in the pages of Detective Comics and has played a large role in the current Robin series. During his brief tenure there were fans who toyed with the notion that Connor was in fact asexual due to his tendency to avoid sexual pursuits.

Now DC finally confirms fans suspicions and provides some long overdue characterization. Online LGBTQ+ magazine Them reported that the upcoming DC Pride 2022 will include an 8 page story starring Connor. From an all asexual creative team consisting of Ro Stein Ted Brandt and Frank Cvetkovic Think of Me features Hawke disrupting a villains nefarious mind control scheme all while composing a coming out letter to his mother. Brandt emphasized the importance of an all ace team saying It really felt like it was a personal story for all of us on some level.

Connor coming out as asexual is a creative decision that many fans of the character will likely get on board with. The hero has often exhibited little interest in sexual contact and is practically never seen engaging in behavior typical of allosexuals or people who feel sexual attraction to others. With comic companies now making more of a concentrated effort to give underrepresented audiences the spotlight Connors new interpretation goes a long way for fans who have been eager to see an asexual hero. Between Tim Drake and Jon Kents Superman both coming out as bisexual it appears as DC is making an effort to have their next generation of heroes be more diverse than previous generations. It is great to see DC further that with the introduction of a canonical asexual character.

June is an important month that recognizes all gender sexual and romantic minorities but sometimes less understood identities such as asexuality tend to get left out or are never focused on. The DC Pride anthology has tried to rectify that by creating more stories with LGBTQ characters from a wide range of LGBTQ creators. Connors coming out story from an all asexual team is a notable step towards giving asexual readers the representation they deserve. While there is asexual representation in TV its still often ignored in mainstream popular culture. The return of Connor Hawke was a welcome sight for fans of the next generation hero and this latest chapter for Hawke is an important step. DC Pride is meant to show readers that no matter who they are they can see themselves their favorite heroes.

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