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GOSSIP GIRL Baron Geisler pleads to media Please give us some privacy so we can fix our marriage

As one of Baron Geislers sisters in Christ in the Oasis of Love Community I was one of the very first people truly happy for him when he was able to recover everything he lost in his life due to his alcoholism addiction. In an exclusive interview several years ago Baron recounted how painful it was to lose everything and attributed his new life to God granting him mercy and giving him a second chance and it seems that God even doubled his portions because aside from a great career Baron now has with Viva God even gave him a loving wife and a beautiful daughter names Talitha Cumi and a 16yearold stepdaughter (daughter of Jamie) he loves as his own.

But now I had to make another phone call after watching a very troublesome video of Geislers wife Jamie Evangelista throwing him a jug of water out of her desperation and anger to the multi awarded actor. The happy videos of their family in the beach were suddenly erased in my memory by just one video Baron uploaded on Facebook and this caused me major concern. Why would Baron do that to his wife? And what did Baron do for a woman to hurt her husband this way.

In another exclusive interview the Vivamax actor told me Both of us are seeking help separately Ate Giselle so we can fix things. I love my family and I want to fix this. Jamie is in a three day retreat right now and I am currently with my psychiatrist and sponsor in alcohol rehab. Please tell everyone I am doing my best to seek help and I really want to fix this both Jamie and I want to fix this. I just want to request the media if they can just give us our space first so we can iron out things. Also the privacy would be helpful especially to our 16 yo teenager who is so much affected with the issue. I am begging the media to give us privacy so we can fix our marriage. I thank my mother company Viva for all the support and understanding they are giving me. I promise not to let you down Boss Vic. I will fix this.

Boss Vic del Rosario is the head of Viva Films and Viva Entertainment. His daughter Veronique Corpus is the talent manager of Baron and was the first to give him work after his comeback. Boss Vics son Vincent is the head of Vivamax a content streaming app where Baron is signed up to do several sexy films one of which that is coming soon is the movie Pusoy where the actor has several love scenes with Miss Earth Philippines Janelle Tee. Instead of prying in the personal lives of Baron and Jamie let us give the couple some privacy so that they can fix their marriage.

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