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Ginny & Georgia: 9 Characters Fans Want To See More Of In Season 2

One of Netflixs quick hits the half teen drama half mystery/crime show Ginny and Georgia has already been renewed for a second season. This means that many of the original cast members will be returning to reprise their roles as fan favorite characters.But aside from the obvious crew of main characters which other familiar faces will appear in season 2 of Ginny and Georgia? The show centers around Ginny and her mom but it features plenty of intriguing side characters some of whom stole the spotlight from its titular leads. Joe became a quick fan favorite but some of Ginnys classmates have equal potential to grow in interesting ways in season 2.

9 Maddie

Georgias mysterious sister Maddie breezes in and out of Wellsbury like another echo of Georgias equally mysterious past. Maddies time on the show is very short but also memorable.Shes one of the most easily distinguishable characters perhaps because she isnt a Wellsbury local. Apart from her general demeanor she has some interesting things to insinuate about Georgia and her new lifestyle and it seems like theres more to the story than is revealed in season 1.

8 Bracia

Bracias storyline feels like its only just scratched the surface. It would be a shame to waste her character given how much she influences Ginnys development. But even on her own Bracia is intriguing.She seems mature beyond her years but shes still just a teen when shes given the chance to be one. Bracia seems like a genuinely selfless person who is a good friend to anyone in need. Shes an ally and a listener and there dont seem to be many of those in Wellsbury.

7 Padma

Like Bracia Padma is wise and mature beyond her years. Shes creative but also a logical thinker. Shes emotional but also practical. In season 1 her storyline mainly revolves around her relationship with Marcus but surely theres much more to her than that.In season 2 Padmas arc could focus more on her own pursuits like music. Not much is known about her friend group and perhaps she and Ginny could be friends. Padma doesnt have any hard feelings towards Ginny about Marcus and she genuinely seems like she only wants whats best for her.

6 Nick

Nick is a fun character who allows Georgia to show another side of herself. He adds a lot of light to the workplace but hes also entangled in one of the more sinister plots of the first season.Nick gets into a relationship with Gabriel who is a P.I. looking into the Millers history. Nick seems to be oblivious but hes sure to find out eventually. Outside of work Nick is much more laidback like at Ginnys birthday. Hopefully season 2 can offer him more room to get involved in the main characters stories.

5 Zion

In season 1 it makes sense for Zion to only appear for a short time. Its an important part of his character and everything about his actions and decisions makes sense. However in season 2 it would make sense for him to take on a bigger role.At the end of season 1 it appears that Ginny and Austin are on their way to Zion. Now that the audience knows everything they need to of his backstory it would be interesting to see how he parents the kids without Georgia and indeed how he protects them from her. Zions personality is interesting enough without the drama so simply seeing him bond with Ginny is enjoyable.

4 Jordan

Jordan is Norahs boyfriend and he seems to be one of the nicest and most genuine members of the MANG/Bro Squad clique. He seems to be loyal caring and supportive of Norah and their relationship is purer than most of their friends have.Since Norah is one of the most important characters in Ginnys story it would only be natural that her boyfriend plays a more significant role. In fact Ginny is curious when Norah talks about their relationship comparing it to hers and Marcuss. On his own Jordan is funny and lighthearted which is something the show could use more of.

3 Norah

Of the four girls who make up MANG Norah is the most elusive. She seems to have the least screentime and shes the only one whose home life and personal problems arent explored.Norah is also the kindest though sometimes to a fault and the least self obsessed. She could be a good friend to Ginny but she tries to avoid conflict at all costs which is probably why shes not around as much as the other three girls.

2 Ellen and Clint

Ellen has a unique sense of humor that perfectly balances out Georgias personality. Their relationship is one of the most entertaining parts of season 1 and its interesting to see Ellen finally voice her concerns over Georgias parenting.Ellen also offers some of the most comedic moments in the series when shes with her own family. Her children frustrate her while she and her husband share an endearing relationship in which they communicate with their own secret language. Clint is also a character who isnt seen enough. He represents the hearing impaired community but hes also the father of two very interesting characters. So far its not clear how he influences Marcus and Maxine.

1 Joe

Joe became a quick fan favorite thanks to his wry sarcasm fatherly protectiveness and wise advice. Hes the only Wellsbury local who doesnt seem like hes from Wellsbury. Joe is such a warm welcoming presence that anyone feels comfortable around him. Hes kind generous and remarkably selfless. Again these qualities are all too rare in Wellsbury.Season 1 sets up Joes relationship with Georgia. Given where Georgia is at in her arc its hard to picture the two of them in a romantic relationship but theyre great even as friends. He seems the obvious choice for her romantically but she has yet to connect Blue Farm Joe to the Joe she met by chance as a teen which will be an exciting storyline going into season 2.


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