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Georgie Proves Sheldon Was Always Right About George In Big Bang Theory

Georgie Montana Jordan proves Sheldons Jim Parsons story about George Lance Barber on The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon is currently focusing on the eldest Cooper sibling as he navigates Mandys Emily Osment surprise pregnancy. But a recent brief remark from him backs up Sheldons claims that George was a bad dad.Despite existing in the same reality there are several inconsistencies between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. But arguably the biggest one is the depiction of the Cooper patriarch. While Sheldon and Mary Laurie Metcalf claimed that he was a no good father on The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon has debunked this multiple times. It continues to do so by showing George as a committed family man who will do anything to support his wife and kids. That being said Georgie may not see it that way as proven by a recent comment about his dad.

In Young Sheldon season 5 episode Babies Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli Georgie seeks out Dale Craig T. Nelson for advice regarding Mandys unexpected pregnancy. After his conversation with his old boss mentor he bumps into his dad who suspects that something is going on with his son. He offers to lend an ear to whatever is bothering his son but Georgies nerves get the best of him causing him to back out. Later on Dale tries to convince Georgie to finally open up to George because hes worried. Georgie just scoffs it off totally in disbelief that George actually cares about him. This indicates that despite the Cooper patriarchs efforts to be a good dad his children dont see him that way. The fact that Georgie cant believe that his dad is concerned about him backs up the possibility that Sheldon also doesnt notice Georges attempts to be a good father. Instead he only remembers his flaws hence his unflattering stories about George on The Big Bang Theory.

Granted that Sheldon has an eidetic memory which means that he could remember even the smallest details from his past its possible that he wrongly misinterpreted his dad when he was still alive. For what its worth the pair have barely had any one on one interactions in Young Sheldon as Sheldon has a closer relationship with his mother than his father. It doesnt help that Sheldon tends to chastise George not to mention look down on him for not being as smart as he is. Perhaps the fact that he caught his dad having sexual relations with another woman when he was 13 years old also contributed to Sheldons perception of George. When he first shared the story to Penny Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory he said that they were never able to discuss the incident. A year after it George tragically died. Its possible that Sheldon was never able to process the trauma of what he witnessed resulting in him harboring a grudge against his dad. For now Young Sheldon is sticking with its depiction of George as an imperfect but well meaning dad. Even adult Sheldons narration has admitted to that. But with a cheating scandal on the horizon its curious how much longer the CBS prequel will be able to maintain this. Otherwise they would have to explicitly contradict Sheldons story on The Big Bang Theory which would create a string of new plotholes.

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