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Genius Stranger Things Hidden Message May Reveal Brenner As S4’s Villain

Stranger Things season 4 finally has a release date but most plot details remain secret making way for countless theories however Stranger Things has also gotten into the game with a hidden message in season 4s first full trailer that may be hinting at Dr. Brenner being this seasons human villain. Netflix has been home to some of the most successful TV shows in recent years and one of its most popular titles is Stranger Things created by the Duffer Brothers and which premiered in 2016. Stranger Things quickly became a hit thanks to its combination of sci fi horror and 1980s nostalgia and Netflix is now preparing for the release of the shows long awaited season 4.

Stranger Things takes viewers to the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana where a bunch of supernatural events suddenly start to happen beginning with the disappearance of Will Byers Noah Schnapp. The search for Will led chief Jim Hopper David Harbour and Wills mother Joyce Winona Ryder to uncover the dangerous experiments that took place at Hawkins Lab and the opening of a portal to an obscure dimension referred to as the Upside Down which houses some truly dangerous creatures and they also met Eleven Millie Bobby Brown a test subject with telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. Since then the main characters of Stranger Things have gone through dangerous missions both on this side of reality and the Upside Down and in each season they have come across a monster villain and a human one.

The first full trailer for Stranger Things season 4 gave the audience a first look at the newest creature from the Upside Down the Vecna and a taste of the adventures the gang will go through and the dangers they will face but theres a lot more to that trailer. As it turns out the trailer for Stranger Things season 4 has a hidden message that has already been decoded by a fan and it might be hinting at Dr. Brenner Matthew Modine being this seasons human villain in a much more powerful and dangerous role than in season 1.

The Hidden Message In Stranger Things Season 4S Trailer

TikTok user woozzs took a closer extremely detailed look at the Stranger Things season 4 trailer and found a hidden message. At the 159 mark theres a very quick shot of six portals opening up in what looks like the Upside Downs sky to catch it in the trailer set the speed to 0.25 on YouTube. These portals are divided into four groups and each one has a timestamp 146 233 33 52 so the creator of the video decided to put this shot over those specific frames to see if they point at something… and they do. When placed over the 146 frame the portals point at hi in the Lenora Hills Treasurer sign the 233 frame points at hell in Mikes Hellfire Club t shirt 33 points at the I A and M in Billys tombstone and the 52 frame points at Master in a sign at Eddie Munsons record store. When rearranged the hidden message in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer spells either Hi I Am Hell Master or Hi Im A Hell Master but its also a link to a mysterious website with a countdown in which visitors can leave their email address to be the first ones to get a surprise when the countdown is over. Of course theres a lot of speculation over what this could be but putting the website aside this message like many other things in Stranger Things is linked to Dungeons & Dragons.

The Hell Master In D&D And How It Fits Stranger Things

Many elements in Stranger Things are taken from and inspired by Dungeons & Dragons such as the Demogorgon the Mind Flayer the Upside Down and the brand new Vecna so its not all that surprising that Hell Master is also taken from D&D. Hell Master is a class in D&D and its someone who has spent their life researching and understanding the inner workings of the nine hells unlocking the secrets of the fiery gates. They have the power to summon and dominate select devils of the lower hells but the sacrifice comes at a great cost. This of course can apply to a couple of characters both old and new in Stranger Things but the biggest bet is that this message is all about season 4s villain and given his background this could be none other than Dr. Brenner.

Does Stranger Things Hidden Message Reveal Brenner As The Villain?

Dr. Martin Brenner was a senior research scientist and the director of Hawkins National Laboratory. He was a leader in Project MKUltra and was motivated by a desire to give the US Government the upper hand in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. As part of those many experiments he oversaw at Hawkins Lab were a group of test subjects that developed a variety of powers and as he served as their father figure he became known as papa which is how Eleven referred to him. Brenner used Eleven for a variety of experiments in order to spy on the Russians through the Void but these experiments also opened a portal to the Upside Down unleashing the Demogorgon.

Brenner was attacked in the final episode of Stranger Things season 1 and believed to be dead but it was later confirmed that he survived however his whereabouts are a mystery. Now given all the experiments he oversaw at Hawkins Lab his knowledge of the Upside Down and the possibility of him continuing his research and experiments wherever he is Brenner could be the Hell Master in Stranger Things season 4 as he will have the ability to summon all types of nightmarish creatures from the Upside Down which with each season gets more hellish including the Vecna making him the human villain of this season.

Who Else Stranger Things Hidden Message Could Be About

Of course the Hell Master could also point at other new characters in Stranger Things season 4 namely the Vecna itself and Victor Creel Robert Englund. Although there are no details about the powers and origins of Stranger Things version of the Vecna it looks like the shows most powerful creature so far and could even be the one who leads the rest in the Upside Down so it could easily be the Hell Master in season 4. In D&D Vecna was a wizard who sought dark magic and gradually transformed himself into an immortal creature known as a lich and his worshipers encouraged his ascension to become an actual deity so he definitely fits with the title of Hell Master.

Theres also Victor Creel who murdered his family in the 1950s and claimed to have been possessed. Creels crimes and the mysterious Creel House will be key in the story of Stranger Things season 4 and Victor Creel could have become the Hell Master following the murder of his family more so as the trailer showed an older Creel with no eyes giving him a nightmarish look. Perhaps the aforementioned Hells Master website will reveal the identity of the Hell Master to visitors through a series of clues and puzzles but until then this genius hidden message in the Stranger Things season 4 trailer will keep viewers wondering who could hold that much power in this new season and the type of threats it could unleash.


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