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Futurama Leelas 10 Best Episodes Ranked

Behind every animated sitcom doofus theres a strong woman. Fred Flintstone has Wilma. Homer Simpson has Marge. Peter Griffin has Lois. And even in the distant future Philip J. Fry has Turanga Leela one of the strongest female characters in animation. Futurama may center around the exploits of a disenfranchised nerd getting the restart of a lifetime but its nothing without its iconic supporting cast none of whom would get any work done without Leela.

Captain of the Planet Express a cyclops looking for her people another woman just trying to survive all the jerks in New New York Leela is Futuramas leading woman whose expertise and character have helped fuel some of the series best episodes. 10 I Second That Emotion After Bender insensitively flushes Nibbler down the toiler Leela becomes distraught and wishes that he could feel what she feels. Professor Farnsworth obliges and unilaterally implants an empathy chip on Bender.

With this Bender begins to understand Leelas feelings. However little did she realize she would understand his. This episode mostly built to gags where Bender would cry when Leela did but Leela has a great moment where she turns her typically sensitive and altruistic attitude to a cruel and selfish one in order to help give Bender the drive he needed. While fans love Leela for who she is its nice to see her quote Bender like everyone else. 9 A Bicyclops Built For Two One of the first pay offs for Leelas origins is in A Bicyclops Built for Two. After a chance encounter in a virtual chatroom with Alcazar someone who appears to be one of her people Leela shows what shes willing to go through to feel connected and have purpose.

That is to say that shes willing to sacrifice her principles. Thinking she has a duty to help repopulate the planet with him Leela transforms into his trashy housewife who does all of his chores. Though Fry was on the case to expose Alcazar Leela herself had to learn some selfrespect. In addition to teaching fans about dignity this episode also gave a hard tease for who Leelas parents actually are.

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