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Fuller House: Why John Stamos’ Jesse Isn’t A Main Character

John Stamos was the biggest star in Fuller House so its interesting hes not one of the main characters on the show. In 2016 Netflix premiered Full Houses spin off sequel which picked up around two decades after its parent show ended. The original cast of characters returned to reprise their respective roles except for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who played Michelle. This time however the focus was on the younger characters such as D.J. Candace Cameron Bure and Stephanie Tanner Jodie Sweetin as well as their eccentric friend Kimmy Andrea Barber.

Stamos played the part of Jesse Katsopolis for all eight seasons of Full House and an additional five for Fuller House where he also served as a producer. Despite starring in various other projects over the years Stamos is mostly associated with the role of Uncle Jesse from the sitcom. As the laid back parental figure of the Tanner kids Jesse was always depicted as the cool uncle who balanced out Danny Tanner Bob Saget. As a fan favorite many were excited when it was announced Stamos was reprising his role as Uncle Jesse in Fuller House. However instead of capitalizing on his popularity the sequel barely featured him only bringing him on as a recurring guest instead of one of the main characters.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly the creatives behind Fuller House opted to focus on the younger characters rather than relying too much on their older counterparts. To make the show still feel familiar however the offshoot simply copied the premise of Full House and used D.J. Stephanie and Kimmy to mirror Danny Jesse and Joey Dave Coulier from the original show. Given this it makes sense Stamos along with Saget Coulier and even Lori Loughlin who played Aunt Becky only had supporting roles instead.

Secondly Stamos was busy with other endeavors during Fuller Houses run. When work started on the series before it premiered in 2016 he was starring in his own sitcom Grandfathered which he produced as well. The same year the spin off started he was cast as Dr. Brock Holt in Scream Queens followed by a stint on Netflixs You playing Dr. Nicky. Towards the tail end of Fuller House Stamos nabbed another primary role as Marvyn Korn on Big Shot which streams on Disney+. In fact its likely the reason Uncle Jesse wasnt in the final scene of Fuller House is that Stamos was simultaneously filming the young adult sports show at that time. Given his career opportunities during Fuller Houses run its not outside the realm of possibility that Stamos deliberately chose to only be a recurring guest star.

Obviously viewers wanted to see more Uncle Jesse in Fuller House. It wouldve been nice if he had more interactions with D.J. Stephanie and the child cast considering how great Stamos is with kids. It also wouldve given viewers more idea of what Jesses life was like after Full House ended. But unfortunately that wasnt the plan for the spin off. Perhaps if the Olsens returned and reprised their role as Michelle Uncle Jesse wouldve been more involved.

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