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Fuller House: DJ’s Worst Tragedy Was Stephanie’s Biggest Blessing

DJs Candace Cameron Bure worst nightmare in Fuller House turned out to be Stephanies Jodie Sweetin biggest blessing. The Netflix spin off opted to bank on nostalgia instead of carving an entirely new narrative. It essentially just re used Full Houses premise with DJs arc mirroring her father Danny Tanners Bob Saget. Both were abruptly widowed leaving her to raise three kids on her own. Meanwhile Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler Andrea Barber moved in with her exactly what Jesse Katsopolis John Stamos and Joey Gladstone Dave Coulier did in the original 80s/90s sitcom for the Tanner patriarch.Full House was an ensemble show as every main character got ample screen time not to mention their respective arcs. Fuller House however had a clear true lead DJ. Much of its story centered on her arc particularly her love life which forced other players on the sidelines. While Fuller House started as a tragedy for the eldest Tanner sister the death of her husband Tommy Fuller Sr. played by Jesse Wilson and Dan Thiel was the catalyst for Stephanie to finally chase after the life she truly wanted.

When Stephanie came back home in Fuller House it wasnt supposed to be permanent. She only returned to offer DJ support and then after a while she was meant to go back to her globe trotting life as a disc jockey. However all that changed when she started to realize that it was never really the kind of life that she wanted. After spending time with her nephews she slowly thought about having her own family. A medical condition would make it nearly impossible for her to get pregnant which was one of the main reasons why she buried her desire to settle down. Thats until she came home and met Jimmy Adam Hagenbuch. The pair started a relationship and through Kimmys surrogacy Stephanie had her daughter Fuller Houses Danielle. All of this wouldnt have happened if DJs first husband didnt die as it wouldnt have given Stephanie any real motivation to return to San Francisco.

At the end of Fuller House both DJ and Stephanie got married to their respective partners as well as Kimmy. The finale was emotionally satisfying for everyone involved despite the absence of Michelle Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Now however theres ongoing chatter that another Full House spin off may be in the works. This is despite Bob Sagets untimely death back in January. If this ever comes to fruition the Fuller House follow up should be more focused on Stephanie. DJs story has been pretty much done the new offshoot could continue to feature DJ and her relationship with Steve Scott Weinger but the bulk of the series should be about Stephanie as she navigates being a mom and an aspiring singer. Whether or not another Full House spin off happens is uncertain at this point. While several members of the Fuller House cast are on board with it there are a lot of other factors to consider when getting a project off the ground. If it actually comes to fruition one of the few ways it could be compelling is if it delves even deeper into Stephanies story.

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