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Full House Jodie Sweetin Shares Her Idea For Another Spinoff

Jodie Sweetin is open to starring in another Full House spinoff and even shares her idea for what the premise of the Fuller House followup might be.

Fuller House Season 5
Jodie Sweetin has a cool idea for another Full House spinoff. The beloved family sitcom was revived in 2016 when Netflix premiered its sequel Fuller House. It ran for five seasons before it ended in 2020. But just barely two years since it wrapped up talks of another Full House offshoot are currently going around. And if given the chance Sweetin is willing to participate by reprising her role as Stephanie Tanner.

Fuller House pretty much copied its parent series premise. Just like her dad Danny Bob Saget DJ Candace Cameron Bure finds herself in quite the predicament Widowed at a young age and left to raise three young kids on her own after her husband suddenly dies. In order to help DJ get back on her feet Stephanie and their friend Kimmy Andrea Barber like Full Houses Jesse John Stamos and Joey Dave Coulier move into the iconic San Francisco home with the eldest Tanner sister. For half a decade everyone helped each other navigate their collective and individual arcs and in the end all three girls got married in the emotionally satisfying Fuller House finale.

Due to its popularity theres still clamor to see more of the Tanners in another Full House spinoff. Speaking with E! News Daily Pop Sweetin says that shes ready to reprise her role as Stephanie and is more than happy to reunite with her old costars. But instead of simply following the trend of a family sitcom she suggests that the Fuller House followup mines inspiration from another classic sitcom — The Golden Girls. Read her full comment below Absolutely. I love working with them. Its like Do you wanna go back and have fun and work with the people that you love that you have known your whole life Of course!

We always joke about our Golden Girls sort of future show. The three of us living somewhere in Miami.

Sophia Dorothy Blanche and Rose together at the table in The Golden Girls
Interestingly The Golden Girls and Full Houses respective runs overlapped briefly during the transition between the late 80s to early 90s. But while Full House focused on an unorthodox family setup in San Francisco The Golden Girls debuted in 1985 and followed the adventures of the unmarried middle aged women who were living together in Miami. There were four main characters in it Dorothy Bea Arthur was sarcastic and witty Rose Betty White was a bit slow to catch up but was kind and charming Blanche Rue McClanahan was un apologetically sexual and alluring and Sophia Estelle Getty was wise with a biting sense of humor. Despite Fuller House only having three female leads the idea of putting DJ Stephanie and Kimmy in a similar living situation like The Golden Girls sounds like an interesting idea. Perhaps they can even bring in Michelle to round out the cast assuming that the Olsen twins would be willing to join after skipping out on Fuller House.

For what its worth other Full House cast members have expressed their interest in starring in another spinoff. This is despite Sagets unexpected death earlier this year. On the heels of Fuller Houses end Bure who was also a producer admitted that they did not expect to be canceled after five seasons so they saved some story lines for the future. However its worth noting that there are no official talks regarding a new followup show. But in the event that a streaming service or network decides to pick it up Sweetins idea seems more interesting than simply continuing where Fuller House left off.

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