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From ‘The Office’ to ‘Ted Lasso’, 9 Comedy Episodes That Make Us Laugh and Cry

Sometimes you want to laugh sometimes you want to cry and sometimes you have the very particular urge to do both. These 9 episodes of comedy provide a big dose of that specific kind of catharsis. Whether happy wistful sad or some mixture of all three these episodes will help you laugh through the tears or cry through the laughter.

The Good Place Season 4 Episode 13 to 14 Whenever Youre Ready

Yes there are laughs in this episode but the series finale of The Good Place NBCs comedy about moral philosophy the afterlife and what we owe to each other may take the crown for the heaviest sobs prompted by a single episode of a comedy. As each member of the core four members of Team Cockroach contemplates walking through the final door of eternity we are given the chance to cry for every one of them and how far theyve come. But the weepiest passage belongs to Chidi William Jackson Harper. He explains his choice to leave the Good Place to his afterlife partner Eleanor Kristen Bell by comparing existence to a wave which must eventually return to the ocean. If you dont burst into tears within two notes of Arvo Pärts Spiegel im Spiegel check your pulse you may be in the Bad Place.But this is a comedy after all which means that one of the most intensely moving episodes of network television ends with a cheerful Keep it sleazy though whether that full circle moment makes you laugh or cry harder is between you and the universe.

New Girl Season 6 Episode 22 Five Stars for Beezus

Over the course of New Girl Foxs sitcom about a gang of uniquely zany but perfectly matched roommates we watched the two central couples hook up break up make up and in Schmidts Max Greenfield case stuff a small fortune into the Douchebag Jar along the way. So when the Season 6 finale gave us two exhilarating cappers on those relationships it earned our happy tears. Schmidt and Cece Hannah Simone discovered that they were having a baby news Schmidt delivered to his wife in a room filled to the brim with flowers. And Nick Jake Johnson and Jess Zooey Deschanel a TV couple with some of the best chemistry in recent memory finally got back together for good. After a series of elevator vs. stairs misses a small unhelpful dog and a flurry of scattered index cards Lordes Green Light crescendoed just as the elevator doors opened on their long awaited big kiss. This high spirited episode has the vibe of a farce and that dizzying energy just made the moments of exuberant happiness all the more tear worthy.

The Simpsons Season 6 Episode 13 And Maggie Makes Three

This long running animated sitcom has run the emotional gamut across more than 700 episodes so its made us cry more than once. But And Maggie Makes Three may be the shows gold standard for combining laughter and tears. In this flashback episode of The Simpsons Bart Nancy Cartwright and Lisa Yeardly Smith ask Marge Julie Kavner and Homer Dan Castellaneta why there are no pictures of baby Maggie in their family photo album. In telling the story of how Homer was briefly able to quit the power plant and live his dream of working at a bowling alley we are treated to the shows typically high density of jokes and an explanation of where Homers hair went it turns out hes never taken pregnancy news particularly well.But when Marge becomes unexpectedly pregnant with Maggie he eventually has to return to the power plant for a better salary. After watching Homers disappointment and Mr. Burns Harry Shearer enact revenge for being humiliated by Homers enthusiastic resignation its a welcome burst of sudden joy to learn where all those baby photos went. Theyre at Homers desk strategically covering Mr. Burnss cruel Dont forget Youre here forever plaque so that it now reads Do it for her. Homer may not be the smartest or most mature man but this reminder that his heart is in the right place breaks and warms ours.

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 14 Last Words

This CBS sitcom about the friendships and romantic foibles of a group of five friends celebrated its silliness from slap bets to suiting up. But How I Met Your Mother could also turn on the waterworks as it did with the death of Marvin Bill Fagerbakke Marshalls Jason Segel father. While back home in Minnesota for the funeral Marshall discovers a final voicemail from his dad on his newly charged phone. When he finally listens to it ready for his fathers last words of wisdom hes greeted instead with a pocket dial and a long stretch of static. The tears start during Marshalls raw grief stricken rant about how cheated he feels to have lost his dad and the cruel cosmic joke of the voicemail.But its what happens next that sends the episode over the emotional edge At the last moment Marvins voice rings out over the speakerphone to laugh about the mistake and tell his son he loves him for what would be the last time. As his wife Lily Alyson Hannigan one of TVs very best criers tells him Looks like your dad came through one last time we cry along with Marshall at this unexpected gift of closure. For Marvins actual last words youll have to watch the episode out of respect for Marshalls wishes were sticking with I love you and definitely not anything about a foot fungus.

The Office Season 7 Episode 22 Goodbye Michael

By the time this late Season 7 episode arrived NBCs mockumentary was no stranger to emotional moments. The employees of paper company Dunder Mifflin faced declarations of love separations professional frustrations proposals weddings and more. But the biggest tears in The Office come from Michaels Steve Carell departure to join his fiancé Holly Amy Ryan in Colorado. A series of increasingly emotional events preceded it chiefly Michaels candlelit and fire sprinkler soaked proposal and the staffs Seasons of Love inspired goodbye song preparing us to get good and weepy when it was time for the final round of goodbyes.The biggest culprits? Jims John Krasinski choked up assurance that a red eyed Michael turned out to be the best boss [he] ever had and the silent hug between Michael and Pam Jenna Fischer on the far side of airport security. After seven seasons of Michaels buffoonery it was with a mixture of happy and sad tears that we watched him fly off into the sunset a better more fulfilled man and cue the tears the best boss Dunder Mifflin ever had.

Futurama Season 4 Episode 7 Jurassic Bark

When Foxs animated sci fi comedy wanted to it could really go for the emotional jugular. We wept when Fry Billy West accidentally cryogenically frozen in 2000 and awoken in the 31st century entered his bereaved mothers dream and brought her some peace after his disappearance. We misted up when a time loop allowed him to grow old with his love Leela Katey Sagal and then choose to do it all over again. But for sheer brutality the nod for biggest cry has to go to Futurama Season 4s Jurassic Bark. When Fry discovers the fossilized remains of his beloved dog Seymour Asses in a museum he tries to have him cloned. But he changes his mind when he learns that Seymour lived for 12 years after Frys disappearance believing his beloved pup lived a long and happy life.But the closing minute of the episode shows us the truth he waited outside the pizza shop where Fry disappeared for the whole 12 years through rain snow and old age before finally closing his eyes for the last time right in that very spot. Its a real gut punch and all the more emotional in comparison to the gleefully absurd hijinks that the shows characters usually got up to.

Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 13 Ann and Chris

When this sunny mockumentary about City Hall employees in Pawnee Indiana made us cry it was usually from happiness. But the big exception is Ann and Chris when Leslie Knopes Amy Poehler poetic noble land mermaid of a best friend Ann Rashida Jones leaves Pawnee to make a life in Michigan with her soon to be born baby and Chris Traegar Rob Lowe. Despite the all time great romantic pairing of Leslie and Ben Adam Scott friend love was always at the core of this show. Watching its longest and most important relationship be separated and to see Leslies can do optimism try and fail to overcome her heartbreak is the rare occasion for tears of sadness rather than joy.But this is Parks and Recreation where hopelessness doesnt survive. Leslie is as sad as shes ever been but as she watches Ann drive away Ron Swanson Nick Offerman promises breakfast food as a sure fire cure. The show plays us out with Tom Pettys Wildflowers a song all about wishing a loved one a place to feel free whether they have to run away or stay nearby to find it.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 10 No Weddings and a Funeral

For whats mostly considered a feel good radically optimistic show it sure proved difficult to pick just one episode for this list. Apple TV+s sitcom about Ted Jason Sudeikis a terminally cheerful American coaching an English football club is one of the funniest and most heartfelt shows out there. Whether its sad tears at the breakdown of Teds marriage happy tears at Roys Brett Goldstein triumphant rom com moment as he embraces his true love of football or tears of awe when Rebecca Hannah Waddingham finally busts out her gorgeous singing voice there are plenty of opportunities for letting it all out.Roy and Jamies Phil Dunster cathartic embrace in Man City is a very close runner up but the emotional trophy goes to Ted Lassos No Weddings and a Funeral largely for the audacity of making us cry while were being Rickrolled. The episode focuses on the funeral of Rebeccas father with whom she had a difficult relationship. From Ted and Rebecca each laying bare their respective traumas for the first time to the full church bolstering a shaky voiced Rebecca as she sings Rick Astleys Never Gonna Give You Up in place of a eulogy this episode was full of revealing our protagonists hurt and how they found healing.

Schitts Creek Season 6 Episode 14 Happy Ending

Of all the episodes on this list this one might have the wildest swings from tears to laughter and sometimes draws both at the very same moment. Over six seasons of Schitts Creek we watched the formerly rich Rose family learn to grow into better people while maintaining their very specific quirks including a truly impressive wall of wigs. When we get to Happy Ending named for both the fulfillment each character finds and an extremely mistaken instruction to a massage therapist the show goes for emotional broke. We swing from scream laughing at Moiras Catherine OHara pope get up while officiating David Daniel Levy and Patricks Noah Reid wedding to ugly crying at the choral arrangement of Tina Turners Simply the Best a song foundational to their relationship and to Open Mic another episode that probably made you cry.During the wedding everyone on screen is weeping just as much as we are and every time you think youve got it under control something else arrives to make you laugh sob. Patrick sings Mariah Careys Always Be My Baby as his vows! David ends his lovely vulnerable vows with a cheeky reference to his own happy ending that afternoon! Moira usually averse to softness delivers the ceremony in a guttural cry voice that is nigh on indescribable! By the time they head off to their own metaphorical happy ending we are crying at their growth and how theyve found their way to sincere care for each other while cackling at the joyfully silly people they still are.

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