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From ‘Iron Man 2’ to ‘South Park’: Elon Musk’s Hollywood avatar

Billionaire Elon Reeve Musk shook up the internet in the past few days after he bought the microblogging platform Twitter. One of the richest men in the world Musk is known to be a business tycoon an entrepreneur an investor a product architect and the list goes on with his innumerable feats in the world of capitalistic pleasures.However a rather unpopular fact is that Musk is so much more than just a financial genius. The billionaire is a celebrity in his own right who also enjoys screen time and has charmed his way through Hollywood with his cameos in many hit films and TV shows.Starring in shows includingThe Simpsons South Park Big Bang Theory and Rick and Morty Musk has mostly appeared as his own self or an exaggerated version of him. Oftentimes he has also played himself in an alternate reality and once in Space too. What a way of aligning his interdisciplinary passions together.

Iron Man 2

The 50 year old man is often labelled as a real life Tony Stark. It is said that actor Robert Downey Jr actually consulted with him before playing Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Director Jon Favreau told Vox shared that Robert Downey when we were prepping Iron Man said Theres somebody we should sit down and talk with. [He] said Musk is a guy who can give us some insight into what itd really be like to be Tony Stark.The successful insights eventually landed him a quick cameo in Iron Man 2 where he chats with Stark about private jets at the Monaco Grand Prix. Favreau also revealed that parts of Iron Man 2 were filmed at SpaceX.

South Park

A brief appearance of Musk can be seen as a character in Season 18 of the show voiced by Matt Stone. The episode shows him driving a Tesla in the Wacky Races. However in Season 20 the billionaire reappears with the actual person voicing himself where he gives a tour of the SpaceX building.Other than these it was one of Musks SpaceX rockets that sent Danny Trejos Machete into outer space in director Robert Rodriguezs over the top exploitation film Machete Kills. He can also be seen iin the 2016 comedy Why Him? which he also co produced as well. Moreover he also appeared in an uncredited cameo in Men in Black International.

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