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‘Friday Night Lights’ Crushes, Ranked

ts been more than 15 years since Friday Night ights the series bessed us with its ceareyed fuhearted gory. The fiveseason drama from creator Peter Berg gave us iconic oneiners ike Texas forever and stunning cinematography that became as much a part of the shows fabric as footba and good friends ivin arge. But of course FN woudnt be the indeibe entertainment miestone its now regarded as without some truy stunning performances. Its no easy task to fesh out every character on this kind of ensembe et aone to do it with effort and empathy. And remarkaby most of FNs ead characters are crushes…which is why we decided to rank no ess than 35 of them.Whether youre a diehard for Tim Riggins or Vince Howard Forever FN reay fed its viewers over five seasons. Come for the footba if youre Buddy Garrity or something but stay for the vibes.

35. Joe McCoy Man we thought Buddy Garrity was annoying and then aong came superbooster Joe McCoy D. W. Moffett a rich ahoe heicopter dad who goes as far as bribing Coach Eric Tayor to make his son QB1. Coudy eyes and an empty heart Pros V nice house.Cons Manipuative controing abusive. Big nope from us. 34. Mac McGiMac Bue Deckert is honesty not a crush but hes in the show a ot so it fet dutifu to incude. Sorry you ost the head coach job to Eric Tayor buddy but you can see why.Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland), Dillons HBIC (Head Booster in Charge) is all up in the business of high school football, something that he used to be part of approximately 98374927 years ago. Great pronunciation of “Lyla,” loves bumper cars, helps Santiago get back on his feet after juvie. Cheats on his wife Pam, loses Lyla’s college fund, is annoying.

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