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Forza Horizon 5 Massive Update Fixes Festival Playlist Cars General Issues

Along with all the new content Series 7 brings to Forza Horizon 5 the latest update released by Playground Games includes a bunch of important fixes for Festival Playlist cars and many other aspects of the game.But lets start with the Accolades which received several fixes to address some problems with certain challenges. In addition to the fixes below the update makes it possible for new Horizon Tour events to allow Power Trip Accolade to be completed.

Fixed Now were talking Accolade
Fixed Its go time Accolade Fixed Prophet of Regret Accolade Fixed Seven Day Wonder Accolade where completing any dailies outside of the current season would not complete this Three Festival Playlist-related issues have been fixed in the update too so the next Series 7 events should perform much more smoothly Fixed issue where Series Rivals was awarding 4 points per season instead of 4 points per Series Fixed issue which could cause the Treasure Chest not to appear after solving the clue Fixed issue where the Forzathon Weekly wouldnt register the required car being owned and driven in the first chapter

As far as the cars go there arent too many tweaks and fixes included in the update but if youre driving a Volvo V60 Polestar or 2008 BMW M3 then youll be happy to know that developers have addressed some issues with these specific cars Updated Morris Minor to reflect correct year Fixed Volvo V60 Polestar left wing mirror was showing the right mirrors projection
Fixed livery mapping on the 2008 BMW M3 when using certain body kits
Fixed issue where an auto upgraded Unimog couldnt be driven in Manual w Clutch

Furthermore the update adds over 200 new Horizon Tour events and adds specific Drivatar names to Horizon Tour and The Trial. Also the update should fix a crash when playing an Open Championship when at a Horizon Open level of 1000 and a scenario where a Convoy joining a complex EventLab event could result in the Convoy not making it into the event.

Some exploits have been patched too such as the one with the Drift Zone and Trailblazers. Last but not least Screen Reader functionality has been added to more screens and Series 6 collectables have been added to EventLab props. For the full list of changes check out the patch notes here.

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