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Former teen stars: What are the Olsen twins actually doing?

The two have since withdrawn from the limelight. In the end the focus was on her private life. Mary Kate was all about the divorce from Olivier Sarkozy. According to Us Weekly it has been officially over since January nine months after the breakup. The bankers ex wife initially tried to obtain an emergency divorce but her application was rejected by the court. The divorce was filed during the lockdown. Sister Ashley Olsen on the other hand has recently had better luck in terms of her love life. She has been dating Louis Eisner son of jewelry designer Lisa Eisner for some time. The fashionista and the artist were recently photographed in New York on their way to a dinner together.

An Olsen is still acting but its neither Mary Kate nor Ashley

In 1995 the show Full House ended which made the siblings little stars. When the sitcom returned to Netflix in 2016 as a sequel Fuller House the 35 year old wasnt there. But why? Bob Boyett the shows executive producer revealed The two werent on the show due to their busy schedules. Allegedly they were too busy because of their fashion label The Row. However another aspect also played a role. Ashley is no longer comfortable in front of the camera. According to Boyett she turned him down on the grounds that she hadnt acted since she was 17. Fan replacements come in the form of Elizabeth Olsen. The duos younger sister has been starring since 2014 as the Scarlet Witch a character from the Marvel comic universe.

The poacher of the two was always Mary Kate

After the Olsen twins won the hearts of viewers as child stars a number of roles in films followed. Then came their own product lines countless advertising deals even various video games that revolved around them. After the Olsens had risen to become teen stars some turbulent times followed in the 00s. The worry twin was always Mary Kate. She was suffering from anorexia and was addicted to drugs. In 2004 the former It girl pulled the emergency brake and was treated in a clinic. Both are now working as fashion entrepreneurs. With the founding of her own label in 2006 came the break with show business and the new orientation of her career. And apparently lucrative their fortune is estimated at 250 million US dollars approximately 231 million euros.

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